• I think so, with the right symptoms/scientific research

    I think if a scientist were to mix cannibalism side effects with a temporary coma-like state, it could happen. Like blending rabies with paranoia, it can be easily. Be ready! You don't want to be the odd one out who isn't prepared when the apocalypse does happen. I know it will.

  • I sure hope so

    I don't really know, but I sure hope so. Honestly, I think it'd be fun(as log as you were ready for it and not completely unprepared) in my opinion even if we could have a controlled outbreak it would be fun. Just keep it as like a game or something. Nothing serious and hopefully uncontaminated.

  • The zombie apocalypse only happens in movies.

    In real life there is no virus or curse that will kill
    people and then make them come back to life as flesh-eating zombies. In all of recorded human history, there has never
    been conclusive evidence that this has ever happened. It only happens on TV or in the movies.

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