• Will there be new another book to add to the current religious text or completely new holy book about a woman or mans ideas.

    I believe there is a good chance that we will one day discover an extraordinary person that will have amazing new ideas and produce what seem to us as miracles.

    She or he would come only as a result of us- a people in a bad times as other leaders/prophets have done in the past when human values, religions, belief systems fail to work and begin to collapse.

    The old ideas and beliefs have been changed and bent over thousands of years of different interpretation and for people to suit them selves.

    Now days science disproves and destroys religion/spiritual ideas but science its self is used as a religion the way it is manipulated and corrupted to give misdirection or personal advantage.

    I think we live in time not so different from the Dark Ages but instead we are being blinded and drowned because of too much information, ideas, conspiracies and agendas. It is so hard to seek the truth because of this.

    Many people have questions they cannot answer and problems they cannot solve. Its would be us that chose this person to follow and trust.

  • Prophets are just people

    I truly believe that prophets are particularly wise or influential people who are able to get their message across, whether it is God's message or just their own agenda. We probably will have another one of these, but I think the world is so critical that they wouldn't listen to them.

  • Sure some people will always swindle

    There are already so called prophets every where in the world they are just not accepted mainstream like they used to be.
    One just has to think of the Russian Vissarion or the American David Koresh. The fact is people will manipulate and use other people all the time. Also, Jesus and Muhammad and Moses etc. They were prophets? But prophet requires a god and god is not real so they were not prophets.

  • There Will Not Be Another Legitimate Prophet

    As a Christian, I believe that John's visions written in the Book of Revelation were the last visions from God that have a Biblical level of reliability. All prophecies written after that may fail to come to pass, including those written by Nostradamus, Mohammed, Joseph Smith, etcetera. However, I do believe that a man (most likely a man but possibly a woman) will come who will perform great miracles and will cause most people to believe that he is god. He will be the Antichrist mentioned in the Book of Revelation (though he wasn't technically called the Antichrist), and he will be a false god, not worthy of worship.
    Of course, non-Christians may disagree with what I've just said.

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