• Yes, there will be

    The reason for this is because each year there is going to be more and more funding for the health care law, which will result in better and wider coverage for people all across the country. And most of this, as far as I know, will be paid for via taxation of the rich.

  • Progress is already happening.

    There was early concern that the health insurance exchange would not garner the anticipated interest. Those who worried simply forgot about April 15th. Americans wait until the last minute to file their taxes so why would they treat health insurance any differently? Both have significant financial consequences after all. Given that the final deadline has not passed, there is a good chance the final enrollment will meet expectations and result a much more successful implementation than the naysayers predicted.

  • Already looking better

    Republicans are really going to have to have some tricks up their sleeves to stop Obama Care now.The White House is getting closer to their target of getting 7 million new people signed up for health care. I believe they already have over 4 million new people signed up with over a month to go. Each month they seem to sign up more people. If this continues, the Republicans are going to blow a gasket.

  • No, there will not be a better progress with the health care law in 2014.

    The health care law started 2014 with a lot of problems and I think it's going to end 2014 with a lot of problems. While the ability for citizens to apply for health care because easier as the months went on, I think there will more problems in the future with angry citizens refusing to have to pay more with their employers health care plans.

  • No, I think it will always stink

    The people will never be happy and fining people who don't want health care is wrong. Its our right to not want to take care of ourselves. If we want to stew in our own garbage,then let us do it. The only thing you did is help money go to places that need it. I guess for that, you get a thumbs up,but its not your place to tell me what to do.

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