• They are almost here.

    The technology is advancing and these innovations will soon be here, whether they will be common place and wide spread is a different story. I think that it will be for the ultra rich at first and will take a very long time until a normal person can afford either.

  • Life will be easier

    Life will be so much easier if we have flying cars, and robots.

    First of all, it will be easier if we have flying cars because there is no traffic, and also there is no need to airplanes, we can fly to any country we want. It is easier to transport if we have flying cars

    It will be much easier if there is robots because they can do the work we need to do.

  • I think yes

    All the movie that we watched like iRobot and robots are already being made and flying cars are going to be made because the people will get inspired by movies. So think about it because that would really really cool to have cars that fly but I hop the robots wont kill us

  • Robots are here, flying cars never will be

    Though some fools may invent flying cars, they will never be commonplace. This would simply be too dangerous. The power to commit another 9-11 would be commonplace. The danger of collisions would be too high, and the destruction caused by collisions would be much higher. Physical government secrets would be harder to hide. As for flying robots? They already exist. There are many forms of flying drones for combat, reconnaissance, recreational enjoyment, and agriculture.

  • They will take over the world

    They will think the robots are master race and they will kill every single human and turn earth into sumting. Just kidding i dont know. Ha ha ha ha ha ha h ah aha ha ha h aha ha ha h aha h ah aha ha a a a a .

  • It won't be possible

    So back then there are no flying cars and robots. So there not an options you know if we have flying cars there will be no roads no gas station and we won't we that kind of cars that will drive for us that's a robot. And we won't need a robot or only just a robot.

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