Will there be sex in Heaven? Will we make love to our brothers and sisters in Christ?

Asked by: Batmangeek75
  • To "bad" subjective

    I want to experience and "have sex with" the "creator" she.

    God not all powerful
    god cannot create and destroy nothing into something and something into nothing
    constrained by logic
    subjective morals
    morals physical, And idea's == concepts and concepts == descriptions
    of logic
    and so on
    better then the supposed human killer god subjectively

  • I agree with Batmangeek75, Here's why

    Think about disabled Christians, See it from their perspective, Feel their pain We need a Civil and Frank debate about the topic of Sexual Relations in Heaven for Christians, Sex is Not just about procreation, But about pleasure. The late Christian leader Billy Graham had an open mind about the possibility of Saved Christians enjoying Sex in Heaven, Think about the countless Christians who are disabled, Or with Mental illness, Social Awkwardness, Etc or for whatever reason they are unable to have good Sex Lives in this Life, They are often unable to find willing Sexual Partners or even get a date, To make things worse, Much worse, Sometimes they live in Sexually Repressed Nations like the USA that stupidly Outlaw Prostitution for Consenting adults, Forcing countless disabled, Mentally ill and other Sex Starved Christians to endure a Sexless Miserable Existence, At least when these Christians ultimately die, In Heaven they should be able to have the Sex and intimate relationships that they were unable to have in their Earthly lives, At least that, At least that, It's about Sex, But also about Love, Companionship, Relationships, Let's be clear, There is No Sex in Hell, The Bible and Jesus describe Hell as a place of weeping and gnashing of teeth, Not a Fun Place, Not a Party, A place of Suffering and Separation from God, Since many Mainstream Christians believe that everything we enjoy of Earthly life exists in Heaven, Why should Sex be the only thing of Earthly life to Not Exist in Heaven? Countless Christians want there to be Sex in Heaven, Even if they don't say it, In the Christian Heaven, No one should ever be lonely or starving for Sex or Intimate Relationships, Think about the countless disabled, Mentally ill, Socially Awkward, And other lonely Christians who are starving for Sex, Give them Hope about Sex in Heaven! Listen to the arguments by other Mainstream Christians who argue in support of Sexual Intercourse and Lovemaking in the Afterlife, Heaven for Saved Christians will be about many things, Not just Sex, But I do believe Saved Christians will enjoy Sex in Heaven, Especially Christians who could rarely get Sex in their Earthly lives, Like I said the late
    Christian Evangelist Preacher Billy Graham had an open mind about the possibility of Saved Christians enjoying Sexual Intercourse & Lovemaking in Heaven, While Mormonism, The Mormon Church, LDS, Latter Day Saints, Teaches that Sexual Intercourse exists in Heaven, My Views about Sexual Intercourse & Lovemaking existing in Heaven are From a Mainstream Evangelical Protestant point of View, I'm Not a Mormon, I do however think Mormon women are very attractive

  • Food and Drink in Heaven. Why not sex?

    Life with our creator will not be boring. Marriage is required for sex only in this life. In Heaven, We will be free to make perfect love with one another. I do not think there will be orgies( orgies detract from the brilliance and beautiful intimacy of God's gift.
    But yes, We will make love to each other. I know girls from my school and high school teachers who professed to be Christian. I would love to to take my old high school teachers to bed and express my thanks, Love and appreciation to them. We would have the choice to appear to each other as we knew each other in life as well or to our youth. One teacher was beautiful and busty even at her age.

  • Jesus said that we would not.

    A woman was a widow and ended up marrying 7 times. They asked Jesus what would happen to the woman and the 7 men who married her. Was it going to be some awkward thing or was she going to be with all 7 in heaven.
    Jesus told them that we would not be like humans that would marry and had children.
    We would become like angles and have no need to reproduce or be intimate.
    Jesus never took a wife and Paul did not see People having relations in heaven. He even recommended that it was better to be single and not even remarry.

    All theses sex crazed ideas of sex in Heaven came into popularity because of the perverted Joseph Smith who admired and actually copied Mohamed idea of 70 virgins in heaven.

    You will not have children nor will you have sex in heaven because you will become an elevated being that will no longer be like a normal human. We will not even need to sleep because we will never tire again.

  • I don't really care.

    Personally, I don't like worshiping a god who will f**k me up for literally AN ETERNITY just because I didn't find its books convincing in the fifty odd years I was alive, That one god out of all that I could possibly believe in was the true one. Besides, Wait a few years and you'll find out if you can f**k your school friends and teachers or not. But, Always make sure to ask their permission as asking permission before sex is important for both concerned in the act of child making.

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