Will there ever be a credible third party candidate for president?

  • There already have been

    There are a few very credible third party candidates in U.S. History. The most recent being Ross Perot, and there have been a few others to include Ralph Nader. Unfortunately the only way for a 3rd party candidate to be viable is that they either have to have enough money to finance their own campaign, or they have to be famous enough to get funding to match the two major parties.

  • I believe there will be.

    There will and have been credible third party candidates for president. The problem isn't whether or not the third party candidate is credible but whether or not the public believes they have the ability to be elected. People are currently leary to vote for a third party because the likelihood of them winning is slim. With the disappointment people currently feel at our two party system, third parties are beginning to look better and better.

  • Of course.

    Every four years, the electoral landscape is different, and there is always a chance for a credible third party to emerge. It has happened numerous times in the past, and it will no doubt happen again. Perhaps someday there will even be a party that arises to wrestle some of the control out of the hands of the Democrats and Republicans.

  • Democrat, Republication or Independent? Is there really a third choice?

    I believe we will one day have an opportunity to vote for a neutral candidate for President. As our nation grows and quite frankly begins to flounder in its ability to be ONE NATION under our president I think it opens a prime opportunity for an individual who can represent both parties to a certain extent.
    As we fight among one another over who is right and moral and who is wrong and immoral we need someone who can stand up and say This is America. I want to make this Nation great again. For all of us.

  • Ross Perot, Ralph Nader Knew How to Campaign

    A relevant third party candidate will happen in American politics again. It may take disillusionment with both Republicans and Democrats for that to happen, but it will occur sometime in the future. Third party candidates for president are rare, but not unheard of. Ross Perot and Ralph Nader are recent examples of quasi-successful runs for president.

  • Yes

    There will be a creditable one and has been creditable ones. Now weather they will be able to create enough momentum to get deep into an election is a different story. I feel like they are too far in the middle about things to get people to be in their side and vote for them.

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