Will there ever be a Jesus-like (not a literal child of God but a hero like Jesus) person to come and try to save us?

Asked by: TheINFJofINFJS
  • There BETTER be!

    It's gonna be me. Or at least us Bronies. I just don't know how else I can fit into this world, and I am fed up with the way Bronies are being treated to day. I completely believe that it's possible for us to find out if Equestria really exists and use that to stand up for ourselves, and bring back the lovely world there once was.

  • It is a possibility.

    Although I am a Deist myself, I believe that this world needs someone to punish the world leaders who have been oppressing their people for so long. This is how I interpret that bit of the Bible (I like to look at religious text and try to think about it in an empirical light): The Antichrist represents someone coming into power over a mighty nation (USA, China, Russia) and rallying other nations to his side. I then interpret the Second Coming as the arrival of many individualist people in several nations rallying the civilians against their tyrants. The final conflict is the pandemic revolutionary activity that ensues. The word of God, I assume, is Liberty or Freedom or something related to those words. The revolutionaries win, and large government is all but removed forever. This ushers in a new millennium where liberty is valued above all other things. That's how I would interpret all that.

  • It is possible, but why wait? If there is an issue that needs solved, don't wait around.

    Whether or not a hero is going to save us, there is an immediate course of action that can eliminate the need of a hero. If you have an issue, fix it. Don't wait for someone to solve your problems. Plus, how funny would it be if Jesus got here and you could tell him, "Nah, I already got it."

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TheINFJofINFJS says2014-05-20T00:29:24.330
JasonMartin-327, I am not thinking you act like this because of your autism. Really, I don't care. You're another person like anyone else, and people would act just like you if they weren't autistic. And nothing is wrong with having different interests. You are not hurting anyone.

Why? Because we are all people. Celebrate neurodiversity!

But I want to ask- why do you love MLP so much? Like what has it taught you? What does it mean to you?