Will there ever be a Pokemon game on the console again like Pokemon Colosseum or XD Gale of Darkness?

Asked by: latiosjayfeather
  • I love pokemon

    The Pokemon games are getting better. The graphics are getting better. Pokemon is a grate show, a grate game and grate all around. This is why I am saying yes, they will have more games like the game Pokemon xd Gale of Darkness and Pokemon collosim. Pokemon are awesome cool

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eApplet2 says2014-07-28T13:22:34.247
That really depends on whether the developers have that kind of interactivity in mind. I wouldn't think it's impossible to do, and I'd prefer a higher-definition experience with 3d models, however I don't think that's the main focus Nintendo has when it comes to games.

I mean, notice the type of hardware Nintendo uses for their current-gen systems. Nintendo's performance peaked during the era of the Gamecube. Those specs didn't change until the Wii-U, which is only marginally better. They seem to want to focus on doing as much as they can with as little as they can, so expect Pokemon to remain the same until the next big executive order comes down from Nintendo.