• Yes there will.

    There will be peace in Cyprus. The war always has to end at some point and time. While no one can say how long it will be until there is peace in Cyprus, it will eventually happen. Look at all of the other war zones in the past, there is now peace there.

  • Yes Eventually There Will Be

    War and unrest usually cycle along with the population. When a population is predominantly young, there is a higher likely hood of unrest and war. The chances decreased with the higher average population. I believe Cyprus will once again see peace because change often comes about rather it is provoked or not.

  • They just need to settle down.

    Yes, there will be peace in Cyprus, once the European Union issues a resolution on the issue. Once the EU is clear on how Cyprus is going to go, they can tell the fighting nations and subgroups to fall in line. If the subgroups know that they are fighting a battle that they can't win, they will agree on peace sooner.

  • Yes there will

    One day, all of the fighting that is occurring will slow down and eventually stop. The two sides that were fighting each other will decide on a way to live together, and they will go through a spell of peace and maybe build their government back to what it was.

  • No, I do not think there will ever be peace in Cyprus.

    I do not think there will ever be peace in Cyprus because that part of the world is just way to volatile with too many different factions interested in making it unstable for their own financial and political reasons. I think that while there may be moments of peace, there will never be a point where the country can say it is stable.

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