• They are Brothers

    Jews and Palestinian Arabs share a common bloodline, they are both Semitic peoples descended from the Israelites and the Philistines. I'm sure that if reparations are made to the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, the walls are literally torn down, and Arabs aren't treated as second class citizens; then there can be hope for a two-state solution, if not a unification of the two groups. But I feel like Israel should make the first gesture, the Palestinians have been through a lot.

  • Some day there will be peace

    There will be peace for a time during the the days of tribulation soon after the rapture when Jesus takes up His believers from the Earth. That's when the anti Christ will come into the picture and procure peace in Israel that it will only last for 7 years. At the end of that 7 years Jesus will return to destroy all evil and those responsible for it. But no one knows when this will happen except for God Himself.

  • There will be peace if Israel and Palestine do not let the extremists win

    Most Palestinians and Israelis want peace, but unfortunately the extremists on both sides continue the ongoing war. Hopefully there can be a two-state solution, so everyone can be recognized. Just like any other war, it eventually will come to an end, but I don't know when. Peace and love always wins and end the battle of war. If Palestinian and Israeli children are raised together, they will learn to coexist. Extremists and racists need to stop brainwashing the younger generation because that is one of the many reasons why there is not permanent peace in Israel/ Palestine. Personally, I am a Palestinian-American who is Christian with strong Jewish ancestry tracing back to ancient Samaria and I have been to Israel/Palestine several times and I am a true believer that peace will prevail. In fact, I read a statistic stating 78% of Israelis want a two-state solution and 74% of Palestinians want a two-state solution. Majority wins, but hopefully the extremists don't. Pray for peace in the middle east.

  • Yes, but not any time soon

    The differences between the people of the region are too great, at least right now, to envision any sort of peace agreement in the near future. There have been no peace proposals that have been satisfactory to both sides. However, I do believe that eventually there will be some level of peace in Israel.

  • Bible says NO PEACE until Jesus return

    Why is everyone so surprised. The book of Genesis in the Bible was written about 3, 400 years ago. It says:

    "This son of yours will be a wild man, As untamed as a wild donkey! He will raise his fist against everyone, And everyone will be against him. Yes, He will live in open hostility against all his relatives. "

    The son is Ishmael, Who Muslims are descended from. Bible says Muslims will be like a wild donkey and they will be hostile towards all his relatives. His half-brother is Isaac, Who Jews are descended from.

    This will never change until Jesus comes back to earth and makes peace on earth.

  • No, there will never be peace in Israel

    Due to religious and economic reasons there will never be peace in Israel. The differences between religious practices in the area have been ongoing and only leading to more hostility amongst different religious groups. There will also not be peace because of the economic consequences that may develop if one group gets more control over the land the another.

  • No peace for the ignorant

    There can not be peace while people are ignorant and only follow their religious practices. People are naturally ignorant and therefore there will be no halt to the conflict. These people care more about their religions then they do about humanity. If it were me I would try to find a more neutral place for Israel and make the area a universal state for everyone that way everyone would not have to fight over it.

  • No there will never be peace.

    There will never be peace in Israel. Citizens have been fighting for hundreds and thousands of years over territory in Israel. The violence will never stop because so much has been put into it already. The escalation of commitment to their cause is so high they can't justify backing out if a fight now.

  • No, there will never be peace in Israel.

    I do not think there will ever be peace in Israel. I think that the whole region is just way too volatile and there will always be problems there since there are too many countries with different ideologies. I think that Israel will always experience turmoil in that part of the world.

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