• When one side wins.

    There will only be peace when one side is defeated. The Arabs refuse to cooperate with the Jews, but the Jews have greater might and support from the most powerful nations in the world. So yeah, when the Arabs are wiped out completely (from Palestine/Israel at least) then there would be peace. At least until some other primitive Arab nation starts back in (Syria, Iran, etc). Then there will be more war. In all likelihood, the next world war will be Muslim Arabs vs. Everyone Else. At some point one side will have to be annihilated or it will just keep going and going. Really though, there will probably never be peace anywhere on this planet until religion goes away entirely.

  • Only After Israel, Palestine Get Over Themselves

    Israel and Palestine simply need to get over the fact that they both should peacefully coexist in the same area of the world. There's nothing that can be done now. Israel was created as a response to the Holocaust. Yet the Jewish homeland doesn't give Israelis an excuse to take over Palestinian lands to build new housing developments. By the same token, Palestinians shouldn't fire rockets or blow up Israelis. It's an unending circle of doom that will stop eventually after both sides get sick of bloodshed. How many more lives must be lost over pieces of land? Are the deaths worth it?

  • Time has a way of changing things.

    Imagine if someone asked rather there would ever be peace in Europe during the Medieval Ages when the land was ruled by warlords who would wage war against each other even though they belonged to the same kingdom. Or this question would be equally hopeless in the midst of World War II. It's easy to say that there are no ways out, that a people or a region are just prone to conflict, but this ignores the wider historical context.

  • When meddling hands withdraw.

    When the oil based economy of the dollar and the world shift to another natural resource, there will be no reason for the puppet masters to violently instill regimes and invent policies and excuses to dominate the market driven economy, when transnational companies who's got governments in their pockets no longer benefit from controlling the region, only then will this massive facade, this scheme, the global, international-scaled brainwashing end...Sadly, it will simply be directed at other regions...Those with the newly found natural resource, whether its a new source of energy or gold (if oil runs out, economies will more likely be gold-based). Until then, until greedy corporations lose their grip on power...

  • Look at Ireland

    It was as recently as about 20 years ago that people wondered if Ireland would ever be at peace. The fighting there was largely religion based, citizens were being killed, and terrorist threats were high. Nowadays, Ireland is ranked as one of the safest countries in the world and the tourism industry in Dublin is behind only Paris and London. Now Ireland is much smaller and the religions were sects of Christianity so the circumstances were a bit different. Therefore, I believe a 20 year turnaround would be a bit much to hope for but will there ever be peace in the Middle East? In my opinion, there's no question about it.

  • Yes, There is decreasing fighting now.

    I do think that we will find peace. There is already a decrease of violence and the only problem is everyone fighting Israel. If that gets fixed then most other problems will too. It also wouldnt hurt if the United States didnt get involved and spend billions of dollars to help people that we will end up fighting 10 years later.

  • Yes Read Bottom

    Yes, I think this because for example if a Muslim built a shop in a Christian neighborhood the Christians would not just say ¨Oh I hate you because you are the Muslim¨ No the Christians would say ¨Hey¨ if they passes by or something. So yes I do think there can be peace.

  • There will always be one or 2 jihad

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  • Hello, it's me

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  • No read bottom.

    Due to the middle east having some many religions and political turmoil poroboly not. Some states like Lebanon have achieved peace for the most part but that was after a bloody, Pointless civil war. The multiple religions that still fight to this days will prevent this and even if peace achieved all it takes is one radical to destroy it. I also fear that in the next century when the oil dries up the middle will become similar to south sudan and other places in Africa. Will there be middle east peace? Nigga please there always be one or two jihads at least.

  • No peace in middle east

    Crusades, soviet invasion, small movements lately and ISiS getting stronger . There is no way it's possible with conflict going on in the past thousands of years. All these peace lovers, peace is a theory that only works when conflicts end. The natural greed of humans is against peace so peace will come no time soon, maybe never

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  • As long as there is intolerance, peace will never be possible

    Since Mohammad established Islam in the 9th Century, Muslims have been at war - in an effort to spread Islam throughout the Arabian Peninsula. They've been at war with each other and more recently with the West and Israel. ISIS, al Qaida, the Taliban, al Shabab, etc. are fighting a holy war. The West isn't at war with Islam, we are at war with radical Islam. Radical Islamist believe that Israel and the West want to destroy Muslims, but the fact is that's what these groups are doing. This is not a political struggle, and we must understand this. Christianity and Judaism are under siege and we must work together with non-radical Muslim people to stop the murders, rape, human trafficking/enslavement of women and inhumane treatment that radical Islamists are perpetrating on the Muslim populations in the Middle East and North Africa. These terrorist networks always find a reason to justify there actions. Their goal is to implement Sharia law worldwide, to convert all those they conquer, and ultimately to destroy Israel, the U.S. and our allies to win their holy war.

  • Never will be peace

    The bible says that there will never be peace again and Damascus, Syria will be completely destroyed. We know several nations will invade Israel from Syria but the lord will rebuke their attack. So no there will never be peace in Syria ever again. If you believe in the bible that is which has never been wrong in thousands of years.

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  • No because of islam

    Islam calls for jihad and complete implementation of sharia. That ideology is completely against the western way of life. As long as westerners exist there will never be peace because the mission of Islam is to make the whole world Muslim and following the law of Allah which is sharia

  • Too much international influence in the region

    This part of the world is of huge strategic importance, not in small part due to the huge amounts of oil and minerals that they have. Western powers will always try to gain influence in the region, which causes most of their wars. Also the artificial borderlines the european colonial powers created cause alot of sectarian violence.

    I really wish there could be peace, as its a beautiful region, but i doubt that will happen in my lifetime.

    Altough maybe if we get rid of our dependency on oil, the middle east might know peace once again!

  • Peace is inevitable

    When 2 groups of people fight over a capital and kill the others teens their will be no peace until they can settle their differences and with the stubbornness of Hamas in the Gaza Strip and not even recognizing the existence of Israel that is one major problem as well as the fact that they have weak leaders who are not bold enough to try and make peace, which once that is achieved a two-state solution is possible, but until then war and disagreement is only going to get worse.

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