• Going to another will basically be the birth of world peace.

    Being able to efficiently live on another planet and cultivate it and possibly more will help greatly. The main things wars are generally fought over are: land, religion/beliefs, resources, and an idea of inferiority. So basically if we start being able to live well on multiple other planets it will eliminate 2 of the 4. (Land and resources) at some point we'll be able to dedicate planets to farming oil mining things like that where these planets are very viable for things such as this for example a planet or planets dedicated to drilling for oil or one for farming rice. Now that can also help with things like starvation. Beyond that more land means spacing people out more giving them less of a chance to even be able to fight one another if they don't like something as insignificant as their skin. It will also create this idealism that its useless to fight in the first place everyone will have everything they need. Plus it will also help to push things more to a science standard allowing furthering more peoples educations which discoveries and technology is an exponentially growing thing. Why because more kids get a better education more kids get into developing or helping the human race in different fields from nuclear engineering to programming and so on. With this growing education this kids and others will start to attain a higher form of thinking. This again helps because maybe these kids have some stubborn people wont change in their ways but they listen to their closest piers such as their grown and accomplished children. So really the only issue here is making sure the human race can reach a critical point where we can start making forward progress like this without to many outside disturbance from other warring nations. Which keep in mind it seems were well on our way maybe medical science will make it where we can see it in our lifetime.

  • Yes. There will be peace and happiness on Earth.

    Yes. There will be peace and happiness on Earth. It will require an incredible effort on behalf of humanity, but it will be achievable. Humans strive for power, because they believe that it will ensure control over their lives, over the conditions they are forced to experience; but this is only partially true. There is a greater cosmic power, and it brings misery to those that strive for unfair advantage and social inequality. Therefore these humans will never be satisfied.

    There is only one alternative then: we must all strive for peace and equal social status, and in that state discover that our uniqueness and differences make this world a provocative and fantastic place to live! Yet we are all equal.

  • Yes . World peace is possible. But it will take some time

    If we combind the wisdom morals and dicintcy of all the world's religions and not teach the superstitions that is 1st step .We would have to abolish Islam and zionism who are the most violint faths 2nd step. We would have to fallow some rules to keep the peace . 3rd step and finally we would have to rebuild what we destroyed 4th step

  • Please dear God in heaven

    I wish that everybody could live in harmony. No racism,sarcasm, hate,violence. If people would open their heart's and have the desire to love and foregive.How I wish evil and hate would just not exist. God all mighty why?Our children,mother's, father's could have such better lives if we would just help each other. Countries working as one.How I wish for my son a world without war.Without fear n with joy and happiness in each living beings.Please Lord,don't let my son die without seeing all the beautiful things n places you have created. Rid the evil n hate in your children's heart.I'm so scared for my son's future n everyone else's if we cannot change.It wouldn't be hard not to live with our fellow man without the need to hurt or take.Please let us not wonder if tomorrow is the last day that we awake to be able to enjoy life. Let us live and love thy neighbor. I WISH. I beg of forgiveness for myself and each n every living thing.My heart hurts when it should be filled of joy n not the uncertainty of what tomorrow will be. My name is Brian. Ty is my son's name. He is my life.The reason I am alive today.Please spread your love to everyone's heart.We can do this if you could rid the evil and replace it with love.

  • Yes. We must accept the true purpose of life which is to learn love.

    As we become more enlightened about why we exist as a creation we will finally accept that the whole point in living is to learn the Creator's most important lesson which is LOVE. Although, the worst of events may have to happen before mankind accepts this simple truth and do away with all of the excuses and distractions that are often used to divert our collective challenge to LOVE unconditionally. If you pay very close attention to what motivates you to do what you do you will find the need to be loved at the core of your motivation. If you pay even closer to what seems hardest for you to do it is the ability to LOVE others around you unconditionally. It is a challenge that we are designed to overcome if we accept that is why we were born. To take on the challenge to LOVE.

  • There can be peace but only if we stop it.

    I think that there will be peace on earth because:
    1. Humanity has the ability to stop it but don't try enough
    2. When humans, as species, die then there will be peace as there has been war only when we came on earth
    3. Only if we stop corruption then only will war stop
    there are many more reasons that I could have listed but those are pretty much it including resources, wealth etc.
    I can agree that peace might be limited and there is prove because the was peace for 35 years before.
    In conclusion I state that peace can exist if we do certain things to stop it and also the peace may only last for a period of time.

  • Very Easy Answer.

    When the human species has come to the end of it's time, be it by virus, nuclear fallout or interstellar collision, the world will be at peace. Assuming we do not count animals killing other animals, the earth has largely been at peace. Remember the earth is about 4.5billion years old and we have, in homonin form, been around for just 7million of those years. For the sake of simplicity we will assume man waged war with each other from early on in this 7million year tyranny, the earth has been at war for just 0.15% of it's life.

  • The following is not sarcasm.

    We will com to a point where all that there will be on earth is nothing. Can nothing war with nothing, no it can't. In the far future if we make it off this planet, there will undoubtably be world peice due to the fact that this planet will be reserved for people with a certain world view and isolated from everywhere else.

  • Yes but it will be limited

    There can and probably will be "world peace" where there is no genocide or war, where most arguments are settled through deliberation because we as humans will unite under one government and there is no war under one democracy.

    Yes humans will want to fight but at least they won't be mowing each other down with turrets and rocket launchers.

  • There would be world peace

    There could be happiness freedom peace non-violence how christens are.There could be power or value to have world peace.Yes ther has been no world peace but we could make a difference together as a world peace .We could have world peace by working together like a family.Of corse we are not the same race but we should not judge that.

  • No, everyone has their differences

    People are too different. We have our own opinions and our own free will. Our inelegance as a species is our downfall. People will always disagree on things and fighting will break out. Weather it's based on: race, religion, government, sexual orientation or who stole my crackers. Someone will always be angry at someone else.

  • World peace will never exist!

    There will always be someone with a mental disability who thinks shooting people in a movie theater is acceptable, there will always be someone who sexual desire overpowers their self control and decide to rape multiple citizens, there will always be someone who hates a certain race and violently show their hatred by murdering them, there will always be someone who abhors a specific religion and decides sabotaging their worshipping place is perfectly fine, and there is always a follower who blindly follow devils and doing whatever is commanded of them not stopping to think, "Besides myself, who else is my choice going to affect?"

    Bottom line: it only takes one person to stop world peace, and there'll always be one person.

  • If people find mutual enemy then there will be peace among people

    I'm pretty sure that there won't be peace if people won't unite and fight together with any extraterrestrials. People from different nationalities and religions will unity.Only this way people can achieve peace because people will help each other to win a battle and then will remain friends after the battle is finished.

  • Only when humans are finally gone.

    Humans are a naturally disruptive and violent species who can't respect members of their own kind for the slightest of differences, like religion, or sexual orientation, or disability, or skin colour, or other things. War starts at the drop of a hat, people are murdered, raped, assaulted, tortured, robbed, and stripped of their rights every day. We, as a group, have done so much harm to this world and what little good we've managed to achieve isn't able to catch up.

    The only way for the world to be peaceful is for humans to die out as a species. Sure, animals aren't the most peaceful beings, but they can never be as disruptive as people.

  • Sorry but no.

    First off, we as humans are not perfect. We could all try as hard to be a nice and peaceful as possible but we will all mistakes here and there. Secondly, if we tried to enforce world peace we don't all think the same so we could never come to an agreement as to how to do that and what exactly what peace is.

  • Just don't see it happening

    A great way to understand how our future will look is by looking at our history as human beings. There may have been times where a momentary "peace" was acquired but it never last. AS long as a thing called POWER exists and MONEY exists there will never be world peace

  • The earth was born with hatred.

    Its absurd to think that there could ever be world peace on earth. I don't know about other planets but as long as humans live on earth world peace is impossible. We are too different and we have different mindsets, Personalities and opinions. Sure there can be peace in a country but for world peace it’s merely impossible. We were born to kill or be killed. Also another point. One other reason world peace will never come because of schools teaching about history. We learn from a very young age about the World Wars and we see on youtube about conflicts within the government and society. We see fights of religious groups and races fighting within one another. Even if we tried to forgive each other there will always be a slight sense of hatred because that’s what make us humans.

  • People are too unpredictable

    Humans are too different from each other. We all have different ways of thinking and we have way too many flaws. We're too violent and greedy to ever be in complete peace. In all the history of the world, There have always been conflicts. There has always been death, Poverty, Injustice etc.

  • The world is too complex, With way too many issues.

    We can all look at it this way. Look at our own lives. Yes, There are loving relationships, But there are conflicts in between. In World issues, It's much, Much bigger. Trust me, I know it seems near the same sometimes with personal issues. The Olympics bring the World together, But tat's every four years. In this world, We all just need to work on looking at other people, Without judgement, Right off. We need to accept more things, With our heads held high. This, When done enough, Has a chance to bring back world peace. We can only wait and see. ~Phillip Tousignant

  • Too many people

    As long as there are too many humans and not enough resources, There will always be fighting. People will always defend their clan, Family or religious group. There have been thousands of religions, And everyone believes theirs is the correct one. People have been warring over religion for eons, No reason to believe that would ever change.

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Juan_Pablo says2013-09-16T21:58:21.637
Peace is the state of having differences but not going to war over them. Yes, world peace is achievable. There will always be differences, so we must be willing to tolerate differences, but we don't always have to rush to war. Frequently war can be avoided.
Juan_Pablo says2014-09-17T14:07:32.223
No. I've changed my mind on this topic. There will never be world peace and there will never be a crimeless, violence-free society. And God IS PARTIALLY responsible for this!
litenew says2015-09-25T16:32:31.697
First of all world peace cannot be achieve while every nation and household is divided into territory. Get rid of those borders! Separate militaries from each country is yet another roadblock to world peace. Has anyone heard the phrase it takes 2 to fight? It's not doing any good that we separate ourselves and divide our countries and militaries as well as families and households. Long story short, if humanity wants to achieve peace on our planet - our household in the universe, everyone needs to stop dividing themselves through nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, etc. We also need to start finding ways to communicate easily with every single person, between every single person so we can help the ones in trouble or in need. We can do this with better technology such as internet, (yes we have come a long way, but we're not there yet.) Lastly weapons are not doing the world any good get rid of them ALL. Ban manufacturing of weapons everywhere. Concentrate on armor technology, I'm serious. Make our human self invincible from harm and unable to harm others and there you have it - world peace. Technology and world unity can save us all but it starts with good leadership from somewhere and then it takes major, major steps. Too bad we got the all mighty dollar and money there to prevent such wonderful technological breakthroughs and cloud the judgement of our leaders.