• Can't wait for a zombie apocalypse in 2014 or 2015

    I've waited my whole life for one to happen, and it might happen in 2014 or 2015, I hope it will come sooner or later... Zombies are my life and I love zombies. I've seen a lot of zombie movies and I know how to survive if one ever happens. What an adventure it would be if one happened. Go anywhere we want, no rules, we get to shoot dead people without getting in trouble, so awesome, it was my dream for one to happen ever since I saw my first zombie movie or tv show, the walking dead and Cockney's vs. Zombies, best tv show and movie ever made... So yeah, I wish a zombie apocalypse would happen, and best if all of having a zombie apocalypse is that you get to see your relatives or friends that have died a long time ago or even earlier... So yeah, let a zombie apocalypse happen, and if you can't survive well sucks for you, should've watched zombie movies or tv show... 😊 hope to see one happen, I'll be waiting for it...

  • How could people make zombies up?

    No one could possibly make up zombies without experiencing something similar or the same, and also with scientific evidence to say that it's possible, it's best to be prepared for the worse. The government often hides secrets from us, so we all don't panic and get scared, so the government might know something we don't, but is just waiting for the right time to tell us...

  • Our own little world.

    My friend Rick and I are already surviving the zombie apocalypse. We are currently stationed on an island in the middle of the Atlantic. We have been experimenting on finding a cure to this disease as it is all over this island. We have had a lot of problems and have lost a few of our friends. We need to spread the word that zombies are real so not as many people die!

  • Yes, there could be.

    Most of the time the zombie apocalypse starts from an organization or government experiment gone right and then someone in the loop goes rouge, or there is an accident in he labs or in the process of destroying the virus. The Virus is a mutation of a virus that already exists like rabies maybe. There is a parasite called toxoplasmosa gondii that is seen in rats it takes over the brain rendering the host helpless as the parasite intentionally gets the rat eaten by a cat, this parasite has also been found to change a human host as well. As for the being dead part, the poison from fugu has the effect of slowing bodily functions to the point that one could be considered dead. There is also mad cow disease in humans it is called Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease its symptoms include Changes in gait (walking) Hallucinations, Lack of coordination (for example, stumbling and falling),Muscle twitching, Myoclonic jerks or seizures, Rapidly developing delirium or dementia. The right combination of these plus maybe rabies, one could create a zombie virus. The fact that the US and Russia have vials of small pox, leads to the possibility that the old biological warfare card is still there and the zombie virus would be the ultimate weapon. And it will be the end whenever it gets out

  • Get the guns ready, and make our rebel forces.

    I want to see a zombie apocalypse as soon as possible, I believe that the Koreans are currently working on a top secret chemical, if they drop this chemical on the United States and parts of Europe it will turn people into flesh eating zombies, me and my friends are hoping to see this coming as we already are prepared. I have a crossbow and my other friend has samurai swords so we are fully prepared!

  • A zombie apocalypse will certainly happen because there is already a zombie virus.

    There is already a zombie virus created, you can even look up the proof! It sounds crazy but its 100% true. The people that don't believe in this will be the first ones to die. Its up to you if you decide to prepare yourselves or be unprepared and be the first one to die. Its coming to us' its just a matter of time. Be smart people!!!!!

  • The zombie apocalypse

    I hope there will be a zombie apocalypse because it will be awesome and kinda cool everything would be free right so why not have one. I think there should be one we would get to go anywhere and do any thing but I want the zombies that are on the walking dead :)

  • Yes It will

    I am Waiting for that to happen.

    I hate life.

    It's basic biology. Any muscle cell requires fuel and waste removal. That requires a functioning circulatory system and organs to process the fuel and handle the waste removal. If you shoot them in the heart or cause massive blood loss, any living thing is going to die and stay dead.

    So a Night of the Living Dead or Walking Dead scenario will never happen.

    Now if you are thinking more along the lines of some virus that turns folks into little more than voracious animals who crave human flesh, that's possible. But those folks would be able to be killed by anything that kills a normal human being. This is a 28 Days Later or Zombieland type scenario.

  • Viruses and Parasites

    Viruses...It has already been proved that there are viruses that increase human aggression, speed, and awareness, this may lead to a cannibal carnage. Look it up if you don't believe me. Then comes parasites, there is a fungus called cordeyceps fungus that infects insects ATM, but... You'll never know. Mankind has already seen parasites, and fungi that jumped from race to race. (Ex. Cow to Humans.) So people say we'll find a cure before that? Nope. Because it's so unexpected (virus speaking) that it may hit us before we even know it. It ends up like this... 'scientists try to find a cure DURING the apocalypse bad choice right? Yet it is the ONLY choice. Cheers!

  • No one really knows

    You don't know if there will be or won't be. I believe that there is a great possibility that the zombie invasion will happen but not for five hundred years, maybe even longer. But all I know is get your weapons ready so in case it does come you will be prepared.

  • Yes but not for long

    A zombie is possible, but a zombie apocalypse is not possible. You underestimate us if you believe it's possible. Like in Miami when that happened, the cop shot the guy immediately. The zombies wouldn't spread so much. If you see a zombie, kill it as fast as possible, that's it.

  • Humans are not mentally effected in this way.

    Zombies are portrayed as flesh eating mindless carnivores, who try to attack the human race. Yes, there could as well be a mind altering virus, but that would not be the same as a zombie now, could it?

    There are different types of illnesses that will cause people lash out at people, or just madness! But that would NOT define what people today define as a zombie! Also it has been simple proved, that as many illnesses that there are, none would give someone the characteristics of a zombie.

  • no, its not possible

    There will not be a zombie apocalypse because people will need to find a way to make a virus. And if there is a brain parasite, that still does not spell "zombie". Sure, you could already think you are a zombie, but you are not. You must actually die to be considered a zombie.

  • Thats Just Dumb

    No government is going to attempt to make a virus of that sort, it would be violating way to many human rights as accepted by the countries of the world. And even if a government sought to create such a virus, it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to combine the dna of all the listed viruses by the opposing debaters while still creating a stable organism with all of the desired effects of becoming a zombie. This fad of "The Zombie Apocalypse" is just a big joke. It really is just stupid.

  • Zombie craziness is really CRAZY!

    I don't believe that will happen because it is too impossible. I may call a person a zombie if they believe in this story because they're crazy! Crazy people believe in crazy ideas which are really impossible to pursue. Why in the world would there will be a zombie apocalypse in the world? If there is a zombie out there we should kill it before zombies spread.

  • Too Unrealistic

    I think too many people are sadistically "excited" about the possibility of a zombie apocalypse and overlook the fact that there just isn't enough evidence out there that zombie-ism really exists. A counter-culture has developed around the idea zombies and apocalyptic concepts with movies like "Shaun of the Dead", and people in general have just gone way overboard. There's no need for all this preparation for something that just isn't going to happen and is completely unrealistic.

  • Not enough supporting evidence for a Zombie Apocalypse

    No, there will not be a a zombie apocalypse anytime in the future. There are too many scientists out there who study the affects of virus', cancer, and other forms of diseases. Since they study these for a living, I am sure that there would have been something about this to the government that would support the event of a zombie apocalypse.

  • Too hard to happen

    There may be a disease that causes a human to act crazy but that probably won't cause an epidemic and the government probably wouldn't jeopardize human civilization just to create a powerful weapon of destruction. Zombies are purely fiction and probably can only be created if god truly hated mankind which he doesn't.

  • This is wack

    A zombie apocalypse cannot happen because if a virus is going wrong on its creation the government would cancel it and destroy the virus. And if a virus is evolving doctors and researchers would notice and when they see the future effects of it they will instantly start searching for a cure or a way to prevent this.

  • I think that

    This is all just to scare people. Like the Walking Dead is based on a COMIC BOOK. NOT what could possibly happen. A zombie apocalypse is real on TV and VIDEOGAMES. But it's just impossible to happen. Also, why do people always think about the "apocalypse."? I mean, what? All those "super real" zombie documentaries you watch on Animal Planet are completely fake. I watched one, and it said 99.9% a zombie apocalypse would happen in 2008. No, it didn't happen. This is all just FAKE bulls***. Just don't worry about it. Even if it was possible, which it isn't, it would be a 00.1% chance. I mean, people eating brains and flesh and stuff. . . Dats like, s***..

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Jimbob says2013-11-15T19:10:54.303
Love this site
Martian90 says2016-01-22T04:18:58.390
While all of you none believers debate that the idea of a zombie apocalypse is impossible because out so called protective government would not create a virus of such, may I remind you that out governments have created killer virus before such as the AIDS virus, Ebola, and other dangerous and extremely leathal viruses so before you rule out the possibility of a zombie pandemic remember that our government isn't always to be trusted so highly, the cover up for the spread of the AIDS virus was kept a secret for many years before the government decided to own up, basically what I'm trying to say is always make room for possibility because you never know, it may not be for something cooked up in a lad, new viruses are being found everyday, the human race has to end some time to make way for the next generation of life, I'm not saying that it will happen but it helps to be open minded, you need to take out movie zombies and replace them with a more realistic version of what a zombie would really be, not slow, dim witted, mindless morons but fast, raging hungry animals, now if we really think about it, with such rage and influence of the thought of nothing but food eliminates the thought of pain and emotion so if a crowd of "zombies" we're to say infest a small town even if heavily armed with guns, zombies have no pain register meaning it would have quite a it to take them down and if it goes un-noticed for a long enough time it could very much prove to much to control. Anyway sim rambling, make up your own minds but remember to always keep in mind that yes we have our worldly protection of guns and the promise of our government, but guns run out of bullets and governments lie on a daily basis ;)