• Yes, thinner tablets will be popular with consumers

    When taking medication tablets, many people complain about large, bulky pills, also known as "horse pills" due to their size. When taking such tablets for the first time, some may balk at the idea of swallowing such a large object. Thinner tablets will be more popular due to the smaller profile of the pills, making them easier to swallow and less intimidating.

  • They are more portable.

    Yes, thinner tablets will fare well with consumers, because people are looking for electronic devices that are more portable. Because tablets can do so much, people want to take them to work, to the beach, and to many other places. Thinner tablets will help meet the needs of the consumer, because it will allow the user to take the tables many places.

  • Yes, I think this is what consumers are looking for.

    Many of the first generation iPads and tablets are very bulky and heavy. It is hard to use then with one hand because of the weight and it makes then more difficult to travel with and to use for an extended period of time. I think if a new generation of tablets come out that are thinner and easier to manage they will be very welcomed by the consumer.

  • Thinner tablets are even more breakable

    Right now, I have broken most of the screen of a BlackBerry Playbook and chipped the screen of an iPad. Yes, I know it is my fault for accidentally dropping it, but imagine if they were thinner; it could probably have shattered right off or something ridiculous. Right now, I think they're at a decent thickness for accidents.

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