Will this be Britney Spears's greatest comeback yet?

  • Britney Spear's Greatest comeback.

    Britney Spear's greatest comeback could be a great comeback because when artists has not put out an album in a while or have not been seen in the spotlight their potentials could be to do their very best than before. i personally feel that Britney's comeback could her gaining fans as well being the greatest because while she has not been seen in the spotlight she most likely has been working very hard.

  • 2016 and 2008 are the best comebacks.

    Of course not! 2013 is not really a comeback! Brenda Joan flopped and most of the album sucked. The only good thing about the era was Work Bitch and its video! I know Britney doesn't like the word "comeback", but 2008 was her year. And now Britney is serving major Primeney teas with this year's Piece Of Me! PRIMENEY 2.0 IS HERE! She is slaying again! Just watch her BBMAs performance. Her body is on point and her dancing is improving. It's 2016 and Glory is THE best album she has had in years. The B-Army thought they were blessed in 2013, but man 2016 is one hell of a year to be alive! 2013... NO .... 2016 ... YES!

  • No, she is done.

    No, this will not be Britney Spears' greatest comeback yet, because she is too old to be relevant anymore. People did not like Britney because she was a particularly good singer. People liked Britney because she was popular and because she was a good dancer. She is past her prime and should do something else.

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