Will this debate result in more voting for third party?

Asked by: Fernyx
  • It was so bad that independents will turn to third party.

    Hopefully people realize that a guy who couldn't make a complete sentence and a woman still acting like she was on a commercial should not be president. Both of the candidates evaded the question, rambled on with incoherent nonsense, and attacked the other candidate. With any luck the polls will turn and third party candidates will get on the stage, and hopefully and some substance to the arguments.

  • No one cares, but I sure hope so. We need more then 2 sides.

    I am amazed that Jill Stein is still pushing her promotions outside the conventions and willing to get arrested to get into these debates, and the much stronger candidate (in my opinion) Gary Johnson has been pressing adamantly for years along with all of the other smaller parties. The thing is, very few people are even considering these people because the 2 party system is that powerful. The term "third party" so often used in these types of conversations goes to show we don't even consider people from smaller parties to be anything more then "other" when compared to the "real parties".

    Trump isn't even a republican for crying out loud, and what did he have to do to have a shot in the election? Bernie Sanders is not a democrat either. Do you think he could have stood a chance against Hillary outside of the party?

    We could really use a stronger education in many places and a fundamental shift in our voting mentality. I'd really like to see the present polling system be reworked to allow more then two parties in the majority of elections. Gary Johnson for example is qualified for the position he's running for, and at the very least, should have the opportunity to build momentum towards our hard American heads in the next election.

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