• Yes they will

    The FBI has no reason not to protect the citizens of Alburqurqe. Contrary to some people's belief the FBI and national organizations are not out to harm the average citizen. Therefore they would have no reason to allow any citizens to be harmed, when they have a chance of preventing this harm.

  • Yes, the FBI will work on protecting Albuquerque citizens.

    Yes, I think the FBI will make a difference protecting the rights of those who live in Albuquerque. There have been 23 fatal police related shootings since 2010. It is my belief that the fact that the FBI are launching an investigation into the killing of James Boyd is evidence that they will be cracking down on police brutality.

  • Yes FBI will step in to help

    I think the FBI are going to investigate and also deal with any injustices that are going on in Albuquerque. I think it will take some time for them to find out what the problem is but don't think they will continually let this situation go on because it is going to get worse if it continues to happen.

  • They are looking the other way.

    No, the FBI will not work on protecting the citizens of Albuquerque, because they have no sincere interest in protecting the borders. They don't have a sincere commitment in that respect; rather, undocumented immigrants are pouring over our borders, and the federal government is not only not stopping it, but they are stopping New Mexico and Arizona from protecting themselves.

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