• Yes, probably.

    Although he may not be what he once was, the man is clearly still very talented and will continue to pursue the sport for some time, since golfers can golf until they're fairly old. Chances are that he will win another major title, especially since there is no one currently as dominant as Tiger once was.

  • Tiger Is Done

    I hate to say it, but Tiger Woods will never win another major. He lost his mojo when he was caught up in that scandal. He has not been the same player since. I think Tiger will still be competitive, but he will not dominate like he did in his prime.

  • He swings the club... and misses.

    His best days are behind him. When he puts now, I wouldn't doubt if he has a million things on his mind like "are all of these people still thinking about the scandal?" or "that girl is hot in the front..." The chances of him winning another major is possible, smallest chance in the WORLD but it is possible. I doubt it, he's old and the best days are gone for him.

  • No, I don't think he will

    His best days are behind him, and he has a lot of new fresh competition. He's getting to the age where a long tournament will start to have physical stresses on him, especially with the hard swings he likes to make. It's possible he could have one last hoorah, but I don't think it is likely.

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