Will Tim Cook give courage to other powerful people who want to come out?

  • Yes I Think So.

    Yes I do believe that Tim Cook give courage to other powerful people who want to come out because in the first place i don't think there is anything wrong of being gay that why i think Tim Cook statement give courage to other people who want to come out.

  • Tom Cook Helps Others by Coming Out

    Tom Cook will encourage other gay or bi-sexual individuals to come clean about their sexuality. His superior status would make one think that he has too much to lose if he came out, but actually he was glorified for it. This makes a common person think that coming out would help them in the long run instead of hiding the truth.

  • CEO comes out

    While I applaud the courage of Tim Cook, it's hard to believe that in this day and age, more high-powered executives have not come out. Thanks to Mr. Cook hopefully this will become a new trend in society and we can stop being ignorant or phobic. All people are created equal.

  • The gay agenda has already been open to "coming out."

    Tim Cook recently opened up to the world that he was gay. In today's world it has been accepted that people can come out in the open about their homosexual lifestyle. Tim Cook showed courage, but that doesn't mean he will help others come out with their gay lifestyle. It is already accepted.

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