• Yes, Tim Tebow's charisma will allow him to be successful on talk television.

    People love watching celebrities, and Tim Tebow's football prowess and religion made him a very popular celebrity during his time on the football field. He is accustomed to talking to reporters and making a name for himself by speaking in public-these talents should easily translate over to a show like Good Morning America, where the primary objective is to keep viewers entertained and interested.

  • A guy everyone wants to see win.

    Monday is a horrible day. Yes it is Monday right now as I write this, however there is a long week ahead and not much will power to get up and do what I need to do. So will Tim Tebow make a difference? I believe he will. He has always been a positive sports figure. It is easy to start a debate about if he is a great player or not, but there is no debate in my mind that he has great deal of charisma which makes me want him to be successful. This is even better as him being successful means I am more willing to tackle my week, which I think is the entire goal of his new segment on Good Morning America.

  • Tim Tebow and Good Morning America

    Tim Tebow a very honest and real person. He is attractive, funny and already well known through football. I believe he would do great on Good Morning America and would be a wise decision for producers. It's always good to have a person that already has a fan base into a popular role that takes place in the spotlight.

  • Yes, Tim Tebow will be successful on Good Morning America.

    I believe that Tim Tebow will be successful on Good Morning America because he is at ease in front of the camera and is generally entertaining to watch. He received positive reviews on his first appearance. He is very good at making conversation on air, and therefore has the makings of a good contributor.

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