• Yes, Tim Tebow will make it in professional baseball

    Yes, Tim Tebow will make it in professional baseball. Tim Tebow is a natural born athlete, and he has to instincts to be successful. He hit a homerun on his first professional at bat, and that is a sign of things to come. He will have success in baseball just like he had success in football.

  • Baseball is Tough

    He will be released, after hitting well under .200, after just one year. White Christian America loves him and everyone else is afraid to criticize him but from a baseball perspective, one just needs to watch the way he moves to see he is not a baseball player. Baseball players move with grace, he moves like a bulky bull.

  • Tim Tebow shouldn't try baseball

    Tim Tebow should stick to football. Even after "Deflategate," where he was shown to be involved in the scheme to adjust the inflation of several footballs used in the Super Bowl, Tebow is still a talented football player. He should use these talents where they belong instead of branching out to another sport.

  • No, it's a gimmick.

    Tim Tebow is a great athlete, and he probably could have made it in baseball had he dedicated more time to it. However, he hasn't played since high school. He got a contract because he will help minor league teams sell tickets, but he won't make it to the major leagues, and he won't last in the minor leagues for more than a few years.

  • No, he will not make it in professional baseball.

    Tim Tebow will not likely make it in professional baseball. Tebow's sport was football. Tebow was a talented college football quarterback that struggled in the NFL. Unfortunately, playing professional baseball requires a different skill set that only a few athletes have. Tebow might make it in the minor leagues, but the big leagues are another story.

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