• More than likely, yes.

    To put it in the words of a great intellectual I know: Well, duh. Tim Wilson was first and foremost a standup comic. He later adapted it to country music to broaden his appeal. Most people will remember him for his comedy, though. Is that such a bad way to be remembered, for making people smile?

  • Yes he will

    I looked him up on wikipedia and it said he was a comedian. I am sure that the people that enjoyed his comedy will remember him. I do not however know who he is. There should be reruns and memories of him but I have not heard of him outside of comedy.

  • Yes, Tim wilson will only be remembered for comedy.

    Generally, people are remembered for what they did most, or for what they did that was most significant. If Tim Wilson has not made any other serious contribution to society, the only thing he can possibly be remembered for is his comedic work. However, if new information were to pop up, people would look into it.

  • Tim Wilson will be remembered for his musical career.

    While Tim Wilson has had a good comedic career, his niche has been in music. Even if the music that he creates or performs is comedic in nature, the songs are what sticks out. This was true for other such comedians like Rodney Carrington. Many people may not even remember his name, but his songs like "Dear Penis" will be remembered.

  • no, I do not think so.

    I do not think that Tim Wilson will only be remembered for his comedic career, although it was a very good one. He will be celebrated for it and remembered mostly for it, but there are other attributes and other aspects of his life that will be remembered by many.

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