• Yes but for the wrong reasons

    Tinder will be extremely popular in India and will explode with popularity only because of India's massive population. However, that being said, I also think it will crash dramatically and be looked down upon by many do to the fact that it is against everything that there culture stand for.

  • Yes, Tinder working alongside and inconjunction with Facebook profiles, will be a hit in India.

    Yes, Tinder will be a huge success in India as it in other countries. There is not a continent in this world, in which people are not constantly looking for a date or their mates. Some people simply want to interact with others outside of their country,make new friends and socialize. Tinder working in collaboration with the profiles of people who have a Facebook account, affords them the leisure and luxury of socializing with others from all over the world. Tinder has sustained some criticism, but no more than any other dating app that is out there in the world for people to use.

  • Tinder in India is epic failure

    Due to deep traditional values in India, I don't think that Tinder will become wildly successful in India. Arranged marriages are very common in India. Parents have a huge impact on who their children date and marry. I don't think an app will change a tradition that has been around for generations.

  • Tinder fake profiles spams genuine viewers

    There is a lot of information that can easily deceive people easily. Most of the information is available from social media website like Facebook which cannot be authenticated and also people can create fake profiles to deceive young users. This can lead to people getting personal and security related information from gullible users.

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