• Tom Hayden will be remembered as a champion of liberal causes

    Tom Hayden will be remembered as a champion of liberal causes far less than being remembered as jane Fonda's husband. While he may be remembered by some democrats, he will go down as history as...really, nobody. In fact, ask the next person you see who Tom Hayden is. I'll bet they have no clue.

  • Tom Hayden was one of the most noted liberal activist

    In addition to being an outspoken anti-war activist, Tom Hayden championed many other liberal causes like social justice for inner cities. He was one of the first and most vocal activist who spoke out against U.S. policy and inspired millions of others to take a stand against injustices and unnecessary wars.

  • I agree that Tom Hayden will be remembered for championing Liberal causes.

    Tom Hayden's efforts over the last twenty years have and will be remembered as helping the Liberal cause in this country. Some of his views could be seen as radical but the played a large part in shaping some of our modern views and efforts in may different aspects of society.

  • Protesting doesn't equal politics

    Tom Hayden was a well known protester. As a UK resident, he is not a name that I had heard before, and I think that is quite telling. Tom is liberal now, but in the future his opinions will seem outdated, and old and there will be new champions to replace Tom.

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