• Yes, Tom Magliozzi will be remembered.

    Tom Magliozzi has passed away at the age of 77 due to complications from Alzheimer's. As half the duo of "Car Talk" on NPR, his love of cars, Boston accent, and great humor will not be forgotten. In fact, "Car Talk" has been off the air for a few years but was still airing to great acclaim on NPR.

  • Fans Will Remember

    While perhaps not a broadly known personality, those who knew Tom Magliozzi and those who listened to him regularly will remember his passion. NPR is only for some tastes, as is Car Talk and automobile programming, but a character like this who brought great knowledge and insight to his program will of course be rememberd fondly.

  • Magliozzi Legacy Will Be Remembered

    Tom Magliozzi legacy will definitely be remembered. Anyone ever listened to his and his brother radio show remembers his happy and funny appearance. 40+ years in radio broadcasting nationwide can`t be erased easily and Magliozzi is for sure one of the kind. I hope this nice show continues to be on at its usual hour and goes on entertaining its fans.

  • Loved by a select audience

    Tom Magliozzi's legacy will no doubt be remembered by his loyal and long serving audience. His fun take on such a practical educational matter would be well remembered and surely no one can deny this. The man worked on the same station, same subject for almost 30 years and it will be an entire generation until he is forgotten.

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