Will tornadoes continue to be a significant problem in the middle and southern regions of the U.S.?

  • Yes I agree

    It seems as if they will! I am so surprised and saddened by the tornadoes of the past week. But they are a clear indicator that tornadoes will continue, no matter the time of year. So many things causing change in weather systesm - from global warming to fracking - it is a shame.

  • Tornadoes have alway been around

    Tornadoes will continue to be a significant problem in the middle and southern regions of the US. The region has always had tornadoes, but with the problem of global warming they are likely to experience more of them. They will probably be on a grander scale with much more damage to life and property.

  • They always have been, so I don't know why we should expect that to change.

    Stories of devastating tornadoes in these regions date back for as long as there have been people living in said regions. Global warming is supposedly going to increase extreme weather phenomena. I don't see any reasonable justification to expect that tornadoes are going to stop. Unless we find a way to stop them before they start, and playing with weather like that when we can't even predict it accurately would be stupid, tornadoes will outlive our civilization, just like they existed long before we got here.

  • Yes, they will actually get worse

    Year after year it seems weather is becoming a bigger problem. Just a few years ago, we had one of the worst tornado outbreaks ever and saw thousands of lives lost. Now, in December on the east coast we are seeing tornadoes when the weather should be cold and snowy. As global warming becomes worse, we will see weather patterns intensify.

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