• War Not an Option

    Tougher sanctions will work for several reasons. First, the populace will go hungry and demand answers. Second, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad leaves office next year when he is term limited out of office. War won't happen because too much is at stake. Blockading and preventing goods from getting to Iran will eventually cause regime change because the people will be too hungry and too angry with their leaders.

  • Yes I guess

    If tougher restrictions are put on Iran than maybe they can be forced to comply. Of we are to make even more constrictions than maybe they will work. If they are hit at a weak point then they may listen to what we want from them. Maybe since the president is reflected he may focus on them

  • No. Starving people is wrong

    No matter how you look at it, starving a population, and stealing their natural resources is wrong. Iran has been taken advantage of over, and over again throughout history. I do not think Iran should get weapons of mass destruction, but I do not think starving their people is the answer.

  • Tougher Sanctions Not the Answer

    No, tougher sanctions will not work against Iran. Ahmadinejad’s way of thinking is not like ours. His thoughts do not follow the same progressions as ours. He lives in a world where violence is common and accepted. He lives in a world where hatred of the United States and our Allies runs deep. Stronger sanctions against Ahmadinejad will only back him into a corner until he feels forced to retaliate if nothing more than to save face. He is playing a game and enjoying it.

  • Tougher Sanctions are only effective against nations that respect international law.

    Because Iran is a rogue state, they will simply sell their goods, and purchase the supplies that they need in the black market or other under-the-table means. It is naive to think that a nation, like Iran, who believes that it operates under the will of god, will abide by the rules established by peer states.

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