• Yes (to a degree)

    Like most folk, I wasn't crazy about hearing Toy Story 4 rumors, 3 was already perfect closure and made box-office history being the first animated flick in the billion-dollar club. That being said, 4 is promised to come out a few years from now, meaning it likely not be plagued by franchise fatigue like Garfield/Webb Spider-Man suffers. More importantly, this is Pixar we're talking about here, everything they turns to gold (and yes that does include the Cars franchise). With there being a new kid in town, there will have to be a more original plot (fun as 3 was, it did feel like the second half of 2; if I could re-do things, 3 would have come out in '06 w/ the original 'Buzz gets recalled' plot, have the 2010 film be 4 and this new one be 5). So yes, I agree Toy Story 4 will be successful.

  • Yes, I think Toy Story 4 will be successful

    Yes, i think that toy story 4 will be successful because all of the other toy stories have been hit movies and I dont think this one will be much different. I have personally loved all the toy story movies I see no reason why they couldnt make this movie just as good as the others - if not better.

  • Yes, Toy Story 4 will be a success.

    Yes, Toy Story 4 will be a success. Toy Story is beloved by generations of both children and adults alike.. Although no sequel will ever equal the original blockbuster, millions will go to see Toy Story 4 just because it is the next episode in the Toy Story sequence, or perhaps because they want to share the legacy of Toy Story with the next generation of children.

  • Yes, "Toy Story 4" will be successful.

    "Toy story" has been successful from the beginning of its inception with each series getting better than the previous one. "Toy story 3' was one of the best-animated movies and it won two major Oscars.Guessing from this the next one will be even better. Four of the original ‘Toy Story’ writing team are creating Toy Story 4.John, one of the writers guarantees an interesting story line, which continues from where the last one left off.

  • I don't think it will be as successful!

    I know that I loved the original Toy story movie about 10 or more years ago, but to make a new one in 2014 and name it Toy story 4 for me is just wrong... I mean the original movies were released when I was a kid, I don't think its appropriate to just make a sequel like 10 or more years later... I feel like they should have made a new movie!

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