Will True Detective bring about a change to Vince Vaughn's career as it did for Matthew McConaughey?

  • True Detective Will Make Vaughn Soar

    True Detective has been the best thing to happen to date for the career of Vince Vaughn. It may be the turning point that he's been needing in order to achieve true stardom. True Detective was a great springboard for Matthew McConaughey and allowed the world to see what a wide range of talents he possesses as an actor.

  • Yes, the well-written role will showcase Vaughn's acting talent.

    Nic Pizzolatto is a strong, story-driven writer who has creates rich, multi-dimensional characters in interesting settings. The character, Frank Semyon, is a criminal who wants to go straight but gets pulled back into a life a crime when his partner is murdered. This is not a comedic character that audiences are used to seeing Vaughn play. It will make him interesting again.

  • True Detective will help Vince Vaughn's Career

    Like Matthew McConoaughey, True Detective will help a wider audience to see Vince Vaughn as a serious actor, as opposed to the goofy actor seen in so many comedies. It will also bring him to the ranks of well known actors that have moved from movies to TV, which seems to boost careers on the whole.

  • It depends on the performance

    Rust Cohle was a brilliant character (hence why I have him as my profile pic) which could only have been pulled of by the excellent performance from Matthew. If Vince can lift his game then sure but I have seen no role where he resembles the talent to do so.

    Posted by: hect
  • One role doesn't define an actor

    The idea that True Detective brought a change to Matthew McConaughey would be inaccurate. He also starred in Dallas Buyers Club at the same time. Both roles helped to show that he wasn't one dimensional and that his acting should be considered for more in depth performances. I would say if Vince Vaughan used True Detective to get roles that required a deeper performance then people would want him to be other movies that demand better actors.

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