• Yes, I think so.

    Trump-style media managing is a unique model for pursuing the highest office, and best of all it’s cheap. It also holds the potential to open a new chapter in the decades-long story of politicians leveraging celebrity to captivate the media. Anytime there is a newsworthy article, that article trumps paid advertising.

  • Trump will control the media

    President-elect Donald Trump will seek to control the media to his advantage, While all presidents attempt to spin the media, Trump's personality is to control people. If they dare criticize him, they face a backlash. On the campaign trail, this has included cutting off reporters' access to his campaign events.

  • Yes, Trump will control the media.

    President-elect Trump will attempt to control the media to his advantage. Since Trump is a master entertainer, it is likely that he will succeed at controlling the media. No other president, except Reagan, had such a good television personality as Trump does. Therefore, he will likely be good at pitting many Americans against the media.

  • Yes, Trump, like most past presidents is likely to use the media to his advantage.

    All US presidents and many important politicians do attempt to control the media to their own advantage and Trump is likely to follow suit. It becomes an easy way of quick information dissemination that has a little more clout with a broader set of people than his Twitter reach, so he is likely to eventually see it as a powerful tool.

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