• Yes he will.

    I strongly believe that Donald Trump will enact a Muslim registration system in America. This is simply because of what he said before his elections. He is somehow against the Muslims and therefore he might enact this registration to ensure he know the number of Muslims in the United States.

  • He better not

    It's unlikely he'll have the support needed. Because it's just such a stupid and extreme idea. It's hard to believe anyone even seriously is going to be a thing. If by some odd chance it happens, we better support Michael Moore and his stance on this subject, and protect the Muslim people of this country. No internment camps. No registries.

  • No, it remains to be seen whether he will actually do so.

    One of the touchstones of Trump's campaign was the promise that, once in office, he would introduce a Muslim travel ban and require all Muslims in the US to report themselves. However, such a registration system is not only logistically infeasible, it goes against the Constitution. Trump will enter office with a Republican majority in Congress, which will allow him to fulfill many of his campaign promises. However, there is the strong likelihood that even Republicans in the legislature will prevent Trump from bringing this plan to fruition.

  • He is Not Able To Do So

    Donald Trump will no be able to enact a Muslim Registration System in America. The First Amendment to the United States Constitution, barring the U.S. government from discriminating based on religious beliefs would make such a registration system impossible to enact. No court in the U.S., upon judging a lawsuit, would allow such a system to stand.

  • It takes Congress.

    Trump is not going to be able to do most of the things that he promised to do. In order to enact a registration system, he's got to get through Congress. The people in Congress are all worried about re-election. They are not going to give up so easily. This will never get through the House and Senate.

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