• Only time will tell.

    Truth be told when it comes to the presidency of Donald Trump things don't really look that good but at this very moment we cannot say if he is a good or bad president because he hasn't done anything. In four years we will be able to accurately judge his presidency as either good or bad but for the moment it does look pretty bleak. I hope he does a good job for the sake of this country but it would appear that nobody really cares.

  • He will make a difference.

    Trump will be considered a legitimate president because he will be able to improve the economy. Trump has made it clear that he is going to be a jobs president. He is also going to put America first instead of worrying about what the rest of the world thinks about the U.S.

  • Trump is a legitimate president-elect

    There are many people who are opposed to the politics of Donald Trump who will continue to attempt to undermine his presidency. However, this was done by Republicans to both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Regardless of what a bunch of angry Hollywood liberals want to say or do, Trump was legitimately elected and will be a legitimate president when he takes office.

  • I don't think Trump will be considered a president in the traditional sense

    Trump's election win is under high scrutiny and considering he lost the popular vote his presidency will be questioned. He is definitely an unprecedented president and now we will have to see if this opens the door to more unorthodox candidates running for the office of presidency of the United States

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