Will Trump hold on to his followers that are members of white supremacy groups?

  • The white supremacy groups that supported Trump are likely to continue to support him

    Although it is very likely that Mr. Trump is going to do a number of things that white supremacists do not like or support, they will likely continue to support him. Sure, some will drop off, but most will remain. The ones that remain will justify remaining as he is their only hope.

  • Trump will maintain links to white power groups

    Donald Trump will continue to maintain his following among white power groups. The cabinet choices that he has made show that he is ready and willing to pander to these groups. The choice of Jeff Sessions for attorney general, for example, reveals a president-elect who is completely willing to overlook a documented record of racism when making his selections, and choices such as this one will only embolden these groups.

  • Yes, he will.

    He is continuing to hold policies that white supremacists support. As long as he continues to hold these opinions, and policies, the white supremacists will support him. His policies on immigration, concerning deportation and his muslim registry are things that will keep white supremacists in full support of Donald Trump.

  • Yes, Trump will be able to retain his many white supremacist followers.

    Yes, Trump will be able to retain his many white supremacist followers. Even if Trump does not fulfill their dreams of a racially pure America, he will be able to lead them on with speeches and innuendoes that make them believe that he is on their side and will do all he can to advance their objectives.

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