• Yes, he is smart enough to.

    President Trump is primarily a businessman. It seems hard to believe that he would fall into the trap most politicians do, where they fail to keep any of their prior promises. Also, due to his wealth, he cannot be "bought" so easily and does not depend on political funding to remain financially stable. It is likely he will do as he has already stated.

  • He has already back tracked.

    There is no way that Trump is ever going to build a wall in Mexico. He has also already backtracked on repealing Obamacare. Repealing Obamacare is something that most Americans want to see happen. He also already gave up on the thought of investigating Clinton for the many reasons she could be investigated. He is already a politician.

  • Trump will not keep some of his campaign promises

    Trump will keep some of his campaign promises, but not others. Some of the promises he made are impractical, or will be disallowed by Congress. Some of Trump's promises were far-fetched and near-impossible to achieve, while others will be kept and will benefit America. This is no different than what happens with any politician.

  • Only time will tell.

    Every politician gives us promises. Every politician tries to give us hope for change. What I like about Trump is that he is NOT a politician, thus he was unpolished. He wanted to win, but not at the expense of stifling his raw and honest approach. I thought that was very entertaining and refreshing. I believe that he will fulfill some promises IMMEDIATELY. He’s going to have his wall, that’s for sure. He may waffle on other promises depending on how much harassment he gets from certain communities and how stable his VP and support team members are. We’ll have to see.

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