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  • No, I don`t think so.

    While there is always some chance Trump could lunge off in an unexpected direction (he is Trump, after all), the overwhelming likelihood is that GOP operatives and industry lobbyists will control energy and environmental policy for the next four years. What lies ahead now is triage, a long string of terrible choices, desperate battles, and wrenching losses, the consequences of which could reverberate for millennia.

  • Trump will ruin all progres

    Trump has long said that he doesn't believe in climate change. He has no interest in taking care of our environment. He knows that it is not in the best interest of industry to comply with environmental rules and regulations. He is going to go back in time, destroying the progress we have made on the matter, and make sure that he and his business cronies get their way.

  • No, not at all.

    Donald Trump does not care about the environment. He does not care about anyone besides himself, so he will not do anything to combat climate change or help reduce our environmental impact in any way. His only goal is to make himself look good and to give himself as much money and power as possible.

  • No, it does not seem like Trump will make wise environmental decisions

    No, it does not seem like Trump will make wise environmental decisions. He has already questioned the reality of global warming and appointed a head of the EPA who does not believe in global warming. Trump seems to make his decisions based on how something benefits himself and business people. Neither of these two baselines seem to fit well with wise environmental decision making.

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