Will Trump's alliances with Russia make it more difficult to maintain alliances with European countries?

  • Yes, Trump's Russia connection will negatively impact the US's relations with other countries in Europe

    Because of Trump's closeness to Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin, it will be harder for him to maintain the United States' warm alliances with other European countries. Many European leaders have been extremely critical of Putin and his policies involving everything from Syria to gay rights and by being very close to Putin, Trump will drive the country farther away from Europe.

  • Trump and Russia are unprecedented

    The cozy relationship between Trump and Russia is surely making our European allies nervous. If Russia decides to take action against another country, these European allies are geographically closest to them. They don't believe that Russia acts fairly, and regularly violates international law. It is difficult for them to deal with the United States suddenly friends with such a country.

  • It's going to complicate things

    Trump's friendship with Putin and his cronies is just going to make a mess of things. Trump doesn't have the brains to know that we must be careful when dealing with Russia and their government. He's just going to irk everyone else and cause nothing but trouble for our country.

  • It is very sketchy.

    Needless to say Donald Trump's relationship with Vladimir Putin makes me nervous. The fact that Putin ordered a hack to undermine the US election is frightening in and of itself and the fact that Trump has a laiseez-faire attitude towards it makes me even more worried. If we do end up in bed with Russia then that will complicate matters in further relations with other US countries. Trump loves to quote and praise General George S. Patton but if he actually knew his history, Patton did not trust any Russians and in fact wanted to invade Russia.

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