• It will likely be a better future for the Carrier workers

    The Trump carrier deal is currently keeping roughly 1000 jobs in the US instead of moving them to Mexico. Although some of the jobs are still being moved to Mexico, the deal will be a starting point of the debate and commitment of Donald Trump's campaign to keep jobs in America.

  • No, it won't

    Carrier is still outsourcing to Mexico despite the 'deal' made with them. And already the numbers of saved jobs from the deal Trump struck has dwindled into the hundreds. Giving incentives to companies that still move their operations overseas is not sustainable and the tax burden is higher than the worth of the jobs they keep. Therefore, the deal will not help workers long-term.

  • No, I disagree

    I strongly disagree that Trump's carrier deal will help workers in the long-term. This is because it is a scam. Don’t be fooled by the President-elect Donald Trump’s “deal” with air conditioning manufacturer Carrier. It’s not a deal, it’s a bribe and yet a bad one. And it’s a fraud.

  • No, Trump's Carrier deal will not help workers in the long-term.

    No, Trump's Carrier deal will not help workers in the long-term. The Carrier deal was a piece of corporate welfare and an example of political theater that will accomplish virtually nothing as far as helping American workers. Also, taxpayers will be footing the bill for the incentives awarded to Carrier.

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