• Yes, Trump's stated economic policies will likely cause the deficit to explode

    Yes, Trump's economic policies as stated will likely cause the deficit to explode. However, he is not likely to enact the same economic policies that he has expressed. Trump said a lot of things during his campaign that won't work. He is already starting to back off of many of them. Many others will not make it past Congress and other learned people.

  • Trumps policies will ruin the country.

    Since Trump would like to keep women from having certain jobs and would like to keep minorities from having certain jobs, America will have a huge loss in revenue. Minorities and immigrants are employed by the jobs that most Americans would not like to do such as being garbagemen, janitors and retail workers. If they are gone, so many paid taxes would be lost.

  • Yes, i agree.

    This is very true. I strongly support that Donald Trump's economic policies will cause the deficit to explode. Donald Trump’s policies would make the federal deficit much bigger. That’s the most important takeaway of a new report, one that maybe should get a little attention now that he is the President.

  • He will not borrow.

    Trump is a business person. He knows that it doesn't work to spend money if the money isn't in the bank. For that reason, Trump is not going to engage in deficit spending the way that career politicians have in the past. He knows how to work a budget and he's not going to apologize about shrinking the size of government.

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