Will Trump's energy policy cause U.S. energy to collapse as predicted?

  • Yes, Trump's energy will policy cause U.S. energy to collapse as predicted.

    Yes, Trump's energy will policy cause U.S. energy to collapse as predicted. We are entering an era where green energy is the only safe and environmentally friendly way forward. If the United States chooses to look backwards and only focus on fossil fuels, other countries will take our place as superpowers.

  • He is against clean energy

    Trump doesn't believe in climate change and is opposed to clean energy. He firmly stood with the DAPL to continue construction, even owning stock in their company. Trump gave an interview a few months ago talking about how bad wind energy is, citing that the turbines are killing birds and releasing steel into the environment, in addition to the fact that the wind isn't trustworthy. The man has no sense of what is really going on with the environment!

  • It will be stronger.

    For the first time in a long time, the United States has a President that wants to make full use of domestic energy. Most Presidents only give lip service to not wanting to be dependent on foreign oil. But Trump actually means it. Trump will actually take steps to allow domestic energy to thrive.

  • U.S. Energy will not collapse under Trump

    Every day is met with a new story in the news that Trump is the harbinger of the end of days. Most of these alarmist predictions will not come to pass. The Federal Government is a cumbersome creature. Mr. Trump will make changes to the Energy policy; however, his changes will take time to take effect and will not lead to the collapse of US energy.

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