Will Twitter's music streaming service be successful?

  • It's what people want.

    Millions of people use Twitter nowadays. People want to be able to get their music through a streaming service and they want to be able to share it with others. I don't know if I'll use this service myself, but I can see it becoming widely popular among Twitter users.

  • I think streaming music with Twitter will be successful.

    Any type of music streaming will be successful, but especially with twitter, or even facebook. Not only do the children enjoy music, but so do adults. It seems everyone is moving toward the social network, and loving the additions they are making. For now we can post a music video, but streaming will be a plus.

  • Yes it will be successful.

    Yes, I think that Twitter's music streaming service will be successful and will take off especially with teenagers. With Twitter becoming so popular nowadays, I think that more and more people will gravitate towards the music service offered by Twitter and people will want to combine social networking with music.

  • Twitter is no spotify

    I do not believe this will be successful. People already know and love spotify so why ruin a good thing? I think twitter should be left for people to tweet about daily life and whatever they want and the music should stick to what everyone already trusts. To me this will be a failed attempt

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