• The U.S. Visa Reforms WIll Positively Affect The Economy

    The new U.S. visa reforms will positively affect the economy. The bringing of diversified and fresh workforce to the market will be an economy booster. Every sphere of the economy from housing and rents, to retails and services and travel will be positively affected. Although certain experts are afraid that the unemployment rates might raise, the improvements in the other economic spheres will mitigate the negative effects, if any, on the job market.

  • Yes, U.S. visa reforms will affect the economy

    I think that the U.S. visa reforms that the White House recently announced will give our economy a boost. The moves will allow for more tourists and they will no doubt spend money while here. This can lead to more jobs in the tourism industry, and businesses (restaurants, department stores, hotels, etc.) in areas where tourism is popular should also see more revenue.

  • Yes, I think U.S visa reforms will affect the economy.

    Yes, I think U.S visa reforms will affect the economy. I am very sad to hear about this because there are so many people out there just waiting for their visa's still. Which includes families trying to bring adopted ones home from other countries. It makes the process rather difficult.

  • US Visa Reform

    United States recently extended visas for the Chinese people. Many like and applaud the idea, but others don't like this notion one bit. Since visas are extended, Americans think this will affect the economy on a big scale. Extending visas are not productive in terrorist prevention and thus, could turn the economy upside down. Money from renewing visas will now decline, and the US needs all the money they can get at this time. For those reasons, US visa reform could actually hurt the economy instead of helping.

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