Will Verizon's new Droid smart phone revolutionize the mobile industry?

  • Yes, I believe the new Droid from Verizon will revolutionize the mobile industry.

    Yes, this new Droid will more than raise the bar for other mobile providers. For starters, the strength of the phone will put even the best phone covers and cases to test. Also, taking away the price and inconvenience of a phone case. The time consuming process of charging our phones will also be a thing of the past. The new turbo and wireless charging features are only fantasized about until now! The camera quality and phone capabilities are always under constant revision so one can always expect more from those areas when purchasing an upgraded phone.

  • I suppose so

    I am not sure what is meant by revolutionize, I mean, considering that cell phones are ridiculously techie enough as it is. A revolutionary phone would have be almost completely different than any other phone ever put out before. I think, if any one, Droid is the one that can pull that off.

  • Yes, The Verizon's new Droid will revolutionize the mobile industry

    Verizon's new Droid will force others in the mobile industry to address the issue of power. A battery that lasts for 2 days and 8 hours on a 15-minute charge, will definitely appeal to users who want to connect with their phone 24/hrs a day. This segment of the population is growing as more users are abandoning desktops and laptops for their phones.

  • Verizon's Droid will come and go

    Verizon's Droid will come and go. This is because so many phones come out and all of these companies try to outdo each other. But all it takes is the next model to be outdone once again. Barely any of these cell phones could be called "revolutionary" and are usually not surprising anymore.

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