Will Victoria's Secret and Thomas Pink be able to come to an agreement with their trademark issues?

  • Yes they will

    One way or another Victoria's Secret and Thomas Pink will be able to come to an agreement with their trademark issues. They may have to go into mediation for this to be done and it may take some time, but eventually they will be able to smooth things over. Everything will be fine!

  • It seems likely that they would reach some sort of deal.

    It would be in the best interest, financially, for both parties to reach an agreement over the trademark problems. It seems very likely that Thomas Pink would reach a license deal with Victoria's Secret, perhaps a co-branding arrangement, that would allow both companies to profit from Victoria's Secret already built in market for upscale woman's clothing and well cash in on Thomas Pinks UK market.

  • No, they did not come to an agreement.

    Thomas Pink won his case in the uk, europe regions agaisnst victoria secret. This does not affect the US though. L brands is trying to figure out how to protect the US trademark. I think Thomas Pink was justified. I would confuse the two. If someone said pink clothing without a thought I would only think of Victoria Secrets Line Pink.

  • Victoria's Secret and Thomas Pink will not be able to come to an agreement over trademark issues.

    Thomas Pink is in the right; the court has decided that Victoria's Secret has violated copyright of Thomas Pink. It is unlikely Pink will allow Victoria's Secret to continue using PINK because the brand are so different. Thomas Pink brand will consider it detrimental to remain aligned with Victoria's Secret.

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