• Yes,video streaming will change TV forever.

    The new technology of video streaming will change TV forever.No longer will there be appointment tv and no longer will someone work their schedule around their favorite show because they will be able to watch it anytime they want.They also are able to carry their favorite shows on almost any electronic device they can think of so tv is not just for the living room any more.

  • I think it will.

    Video streaming has given people the capability to watch television shows in a much less episodic manner. Instead of waiting seven days to see the new developments on an ongoing plot, people may watch several episodes in one sitting if they want to. Not to mention, numerous video streaming sites are starting to make their own shows now.

  • Yes

    TV has been changed by the advent and rise of streaming technologies. More people are able to access more shows. They are able to do so at any time. TV channels and studios will have to adapt to this new business and entertainment environment. Without adapting, they will lose the ability to reach so many people.

  • Yes

    Yes I think that video streaming has already changed TV as we know it. It is much cheaper and more convenient for many families because there are options such as HULU and Netflix. I know personally, my family has decided to get rid of regular cable and we will be saving over $80 a month.

  • Yes.

    Video streaming has already changed TV forever, and it will continue to change the way people watch television. Many people have gotten rid of their televisions completely because of streaming.Streaming allows people to watch what they want, when they want. It also allows people to wait and watch an entire season of a show at one time. These practices will affect television rankings, and advertising.

  • The Internet Changes Everything

    Yes, video streaming and sites like Netflix and Hulu have changed how the TV industry works. The internet will continue to change everything by making videos and shows more accessible. Traditional ratings don't mean the same things now that people can watch TV online any time they. The studios will have to change the way they work now.

  • Streaming is overrated

    People like to say that streaming is the way of the future. Although it is a popular trend, there is a strong likelihood that it is one of the most massively overrated things out there. In theory it is good, because you can watch whatever, wherever, whenever. In practice it is overrated because it merely provides a easy way to be instantly gratified in the most casual sort of way ever. In my opinion, shows are not meant to be binge-watched. At most, shows should be watched 2 episodes at a time, but even that is quite excessive in my opinion. I also like the format of weekly scheduling of shows. For instance When I watched the recently released True Detective, I actually LIKED the fact that I had to wait a week to see what would happen. It provided me with a sense of anticipation that I would not have got if it was all released for streaming at once. In other words it was like an event, as opposed to a casual pass-time. I also hate the trend of watching movies and TV shows on a smart-phone, tablet, or computer screen. In my opinion, this small-screen format perpetuates this gross casualization of the viewing experience.
    I realize that one can binge-watch on DVD, but to compare a DVD/Blu-Ray to streaming is a no-brainer, as a DVD/Blu-ray is clearly better. There is no need to connect to the internet, which is an immediate plus, as the internet can still be finnicky and unreliable. Also, a DVD/Blu-ray exists in the physical world, instantly adding real value to entertainment that does not exist with streaming. Even though the content is the same, the format is what makes the different and the format still does matter. I personally like having a real thing that I can call my own, and thus I feel more personally connected to the movie or the TV show that I am watching, even if it is a very subtle connection.
    I also think that streaming is an unsustainable business model in the long term, as it is it for one a mere virtual medium and thus has no real world value and is also forever bonded to the fate of the internet at large, which no matter how large or small of a risk, is still a risk nonetheless.
    Overall, I have Netflix and it is OK, but really I'll stick with a decently sized TV, a cable box, and a DVD/Blu-Ray box set of my favorite shows thank you very much.

  • I'm the world's biggest idiot.

    I think YouTube and Netflix are just a fad. They will die off soon and cable TV will again reign supreme. I like TV because there's a couch. Every time I'm on the Internet, I say, "Damn, I wish there was a couch here." If YouTube is so smart, why didn't they create computer couches then? Just saying.

  • I'm the world's biggest idiot.

    I think YouTube and Netflix are a fad. They will die soon and cable TV will again reign supreme. Prove me wrong. Every time I go on the Internet, I'm always like, "Damn, I wish there was a couch here." So that's why they will fail. Until they can figure out a way to get a computer couch to everyone who streams, streaming will forever never be good enough.

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