• Yes he will.

    Wade will actually bring Chicago Bulls championship this year. This is simply because Wade is talented and therefore a good player. His driven passion for the game and the talent are enough to bring championship to the Chicago Bulls. Apart from this, experience that he has had for the past years has made him realize his mistakes and success areas.

  • It's very possible.

    Dwayne Wade is an exceptionally talented player who excels most when he is allowed to move into a leadership position. This strong combination of qualities could well be enough to boost the overall performance of the Chicago Bulls and will definitely enhance their performance in the Eastern Conference this year.

  • Yes, Will Wade Will Bring the Bulls a Championship.

    Yes, I do believe that Will Wade will bring the Chicago Bulls a championship this year. He has a veteran prospective that will be very helpful to the team. His talent in the All Star Games and from playing with Miami will be a great addition that could help the Bulls win the Championship.

  • Hometown passiono will help Wade take the Bulls to the champsionships

    Thirteen years playing for the Heat and twelve all-star appearances proves that Wade has the talent and the experience to be a winner. With his joining the Bulls, you can now add hometown passion and pride to the mix as well. Wade has the makings to take the Bulls to the championship and make them winners.

  • No he wont

    The Bulls are in the Eastern Conference with The Cavs with LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and K Love. The Bulls already lost both of there Centers/Power Forwards and Derrick Rose in the offseason. Wade is an HOF player but he cant carry the whole team with help from Jimmy Butler.

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