• Walmart Has No One To Blame But Itself For Being An E-Commerce Also-Ran

    Walmart is by far the nation’s largest retailer, with more than 4,000 stores in the U.S. alone and annual sales of nearly half a trillion dollars. And yet, when it somes to online retail, the company is only bringing in a fraction of what market leader Amazon earns. While it’s possible that this is all due to Amazon simply being better at e-tailing than Walmart, some say it’s because Big W continues to make boneheaded decisions about its online future.

  • I had no idea Wal mart was faltering to online retailers.

    Nor do I care or have a genuine opinion on the matter. I think Walmart and institutions like it can be compared to the slimiest, filthy, grungy, dark, belly-crawling, bottom-feeding creatures of the tempest deep; existing on a matter of default through the carelessness of a nation; you can't really blame even the vilest creatures for being borne.

  • Walmart will not falter to online retailers

    Walmart will not continue to falter to online retailers. Not only do they have a good system and price value on their website but they also have good customer service. They will continue to offer good prices on their website as well as in store. Their website is only improving.

  • Walmart won't be forced out the door by online retailers.

    Online retailers such as Amazon have progressed from being "the next big thing" to the undisputed kings of the retail world. Shopping from the comfort of one's own home and being able to shop for almost any product imaginable is very convenient, and is the driving factor behind these retailers' success. However, even though Walmart may lose some business to these competitors, they are still the largest company in the country, and will be able to adapt to and join the online retail trend.

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