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  • No, Walmart will not go out of business

    No, I don't believe that Walmart will go out of business any time soon. Walmart is such a large corporation that I find it inconceivable that it will go out of business in the near future. Walmart has the resources to change its business structure if it needs to and can easily take on any competitors that might arise against it.

  • Walmar is thriving

    Walmart is not going out of bossiness any time soon. It is a thriving company with everything set up so that its losses will always be balanced addition, there products are extremely competitively priced. As long as they keep up their current routine they will prosper and as long as people can make it to a store, they will.

  • Walmart will not go out of business any time soon.

    While the business is struggling to stock shelves and maintain a pattern of growth, there are numerous areas across the U.S. where the only place to shop for groceries, etc. is Wal-Mart. Given the lower socio-economic status of many areas where Wal-Mart is "king" they can maintain business to compete with online retailers like

  • No, I dont see Walmart going anywhere.

    No, I don't see Walmart going anywhere. I think Walmart has a good foundation and very good management overall. I love their approach to prices and store value. I feel they have a solid customer base and they will last a very long time in to the future. I don't feel that Walmart can fail because of how well they are run.

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