• I hope they do.

    I won't ever shop in a Walmart store again knowing that the owners are greedy and unsympathetic towards their employees who can't survive without government assistance. How can the owners of Walmart feel good about themselves for helping to create a society of poor people having to work three jobs in order to survive.

  • Walmart has a chance at being the next big failure

    With Costco and Target as their biggest competitors its hard to stay at the top. Not so long ago Kmart was the place to shop though, that ultimately failed. A market cap of 205 billion makes it one of the largest companies but, that doesn't mean it can't topple. Their stock continues to fall and 2016 is going to be a rough year for many corporations. There is a forecasted market crash and economic fall which could eventually lead to Walmart's death. Walmart's insolvency would be catastrophic with over 1.4 million employees and 5,000 stores.

  • Walmart will not go out of business soon

    No I do not think that Walmart will go out of business soon. They have some of the lowest prices around. They also have a wide selection of products. You can pretty much get all of your shopping done in Walmart. They also have a great online website if people prefer to shop online.

  • No Walmart is not going out of business anytime soon!

    Walmart is very profitable company filling America's need and desire to purchase good quality product and an affordable price. They employ 1.3 million people in the US alone. Ninety percent of the US population lives within 25 miles of a Walmart store. It's popular to blame Walmart for paying low wages, but the real question should why hasn't the minimum wage been raised?

  • Walmart will be around forever

    Despite rumors of online sales destroying Walmart, the big box giant is here to stay for now. There is still the generation and those people who prefer the experience of walking into a store to shop. Do I think later on they may succumb, yes, once this generation grows a bit older and wiser.

  • No, Walmart is too powerful.

    No, Walmart will never go out of business because it is the biggest store in the world. Walmart has a lot of problems when it comes to employee benefits and compensation, but those problems have not and will not hurt business. Walmart is one of those "too big to fail" companies. Like it or not, it is here to stay.

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