• Washington can fix the economy but people must be willing to compromise.

    It is within the ability of Washing to fix the economy. But in order to do this effectively, people--and not just politicians--must be willing to compromise. It is very clear that the American economy can no longer sustain itself as it once did. The rate of inflation has risen too much and salaries have just not kept up with it. People must be willing to change their lifestyles in accordance with decisions from Washington.

  • It is quite broken

    Any effort to fix the economy is going to require smart, dedicated, disciplined long term planning and approaches to resolve the total US debt load. Given funky accounting methods that allow the US government to exclude sums of money from their actual debt, but is down on paper is a tiny fraction of what we truely owe.

  • Washington is not the answer

    Washington can not fix the economy. The best thing that they can do is get out of the way and enable private business to create jobs by not creating obstacles. When the federal government tries to make things better, it usually just makes things worse by creating more rules and regulations.

  • No They Won't

    I do not believe Congress or the government will be able to fix the economy. It's been far too long since the housing market bubble and the jobs that have been created are mostly low-wage. We have already lived through the worst of the recession with a slew of unhelpful stimulus packages that have done nothing but waste more money. The economy will fix itself naturally, if we leave it alone.

  • No, Not until they start focusing on the basic problems.

    The US economy has been in trouble for a while. It has a high unemployment rate and a low labor force participation rate. The US imports more than they export. A lot of what is exported is raw materials that are later imported as finished goods from other countries.

    Our representatives in Washington are too focused on quick fixes that make them look good in front of their constituents. They are not focused on getting to the root of our economic problems. Jobs and the surplus labor force being one of the main problems. While other problems do exist I believe that promoting real growth and bringing jobs back to the US will not only improve our economy but benefit us in other areas.

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