• I dont think that watch dogs beated gta 5!

    Watch dogs isn;t even that bad but not much to beat gta 5! In watch dogs hacking was a new and good thing! Also i usually use console foe gaming but i do have an average entry lvl gaming pc! When i checked the specs it said that mine pc cant run watch dogs even on lowest specs! And i dwnlded it still! And i was shocked that mine 4k of low lvl gpu ran it smoothly on med graphics! In my opinion gta 5 is better also gta 5 looks so bright and colourful ,,,like lights,cars and especially characters. Whereas wathc dogs's a lil bit dull ! Like gta 4

  • Its more real

    I mean like when i walk in the streets of gta v all of the people will start looking at you as if i did something wrong , while in watch dogs everybody is playing with his own phone or doing anything else . In watch dogs i liked the new hacking thing and its really very nice , while in gtav i am bored with same story same things everytime . Gra v is gta iv mixed with san andreas . Another important thing is that why do rockstar put the same cars of gta iv but with some upgrades in gta v , while in watch dogs all of the cars are in 2014 and nothing is old.

  • Good, awesome, mind blowing

    Good game, I loved it. Gta5, not so much. Tbh kind of disappointing. I played it at my cousins house which i was very long anticipating. Watch Dogs surprised me...Like...A lot a lot! So, I guess im going to play GTA, and then watch Dogs, see how much I like watch Dogs better!

  • WATCH DOGS Gives You the Choice to be Good or Bad.

    In Gta V you're Bad No matter what you're dealing with Drugs, Sex, Police, Gangsters, and you're always Cursing. I know it's part of the game but they should at least give you a Choice. In Watch Dogs you're not dealing with any of that. Watch Dogs acts more Realistic, unlike Gta V. WATCH DOGS is JUST SO MUCH FUN and I RECOMMEND IT (:

  • WATCH DOGS vs. Grand theft auto five

    WATCHDOGS IS A GAME WITH COLOR.Grand theft auto five is a game with diversity. However, the depth of each varieties of content inside grand theft auto five is unable to even barely follow the depth of WATCHDOGS. Also, WATCHDOGS is a revolutionary guideline-like game which has opened a whole new theme in the game universe. Ya guys ALL know why i wrote WATCH DOGS instead of watch dogs. Ha ha ha.......

  • Watch dogs is way better

    Watch dogs has improved graphics less glitches and its something new as. GTA its the same old game sure a lot of side activity has been added but once you have finished the main game you cant do a lot in watch dogs you can hack a lot of stuff even after the game is finished and it feels like a next gen game and the good thing about it is its a multi platform game its for Xbox one, Xbox 360, ps3, ps4, pc and maybe even for wii u unlike gta 5 which is only for ps3 and Xbox 360

  • I love Watch Dogs

    Watch Dogs, Is best game I think of this year, Ubisoft give us something new, GTA 5 is good also, When playing watchdogs you feel your self like you are in the game, and you need to think of every movement in the game, to be bad or good, to kill or not to kill somebody around the city,
    I playing it about 10 hours daily and I still enjoy it! Graphic are very fresh and I think watch dogs is a little batter then GTA 5, the only think I don't like in watch dogs is music, Ubisoft need to work out with music and radio more, GTA 5 music is much batter, then Watch dogs tittles.

    Thanks to Ubisoft it's great game for this year, hope to see more tittles like this! :)

  • You can do what ever you want in watchdogs.

    You can hack anything electronic in watchdogs. Heck, hack things that aren't electronic because this game is so awful...Ly great. It's not like in Gta there are races with boats, cars, planes, and helicopters. I mean come on there's no parachuting, death matches, and a gigantic amount of cars and customizations.

  • I just have to do this.

    NEXT GEN OWNS THE OLD ONE. No matter what, the capacity of watch dogs are at least superior. The graphics are insane, the phisics are realistics (you can't flew away that much after crashing a car), the AI are better, if you draw your weapon, the don't just run, the stay and put their hands up, like real life.


  • Watch Dogs Alot Better

    GTA5 had too many glitches , worse graphics, terrible online, less realistic, 3 characters annoying switching, ubisoft better than rockstar, Watch Dogs available on more consoles, Watch Dogs is Next Gen while GTA5 was last gen, GTA5 was almost the same as GTA4, Watch Dogs is a completely new game and the are 100's of generic GTA games.

  • What can you do in watchdogs?

    In Gta you can do basically whatever you want. In watchdogs... Ummm I think you can hack things. Also Gta made a billion dollars in a day or two. Watchdogs probably can't do that in a week. All the Gta haters probably weren't allowed to get the game, so their mad. Also, the graphics in watchdogs look like a 2004 computer game.

  • Been there, played that.

    I've played GTA games before, sure they're fun, but I'm bored of them now. Watch Dogs offers something new, innovative, and fresh.

    Watch Dogs is basically Grand Theft Auto but for Smarter people, I prefer to take a more thought out approach to a game, rather than ''Hurr hurr i killz prostetutez n taek drugz''

  • Played watch dogs and gta v

    -graphics of watch dogs are a disappointment. No way like those shown to us at E3.
    -Map is way larger in gta v.
    -Watch Dogs campaign is not so engaging.
    -The delay is inexcusable apart from fixing bugs.
    -Controls are not very comfortable and convenient
    -Watch Dogs has something special and new however gta beats it in almost all aspects of an open world free roam game.

  • No it won't

    GTA 5 has bigger map and better online. You can't have levels in watch dogs or you're own car also a apartment. The graphics may be better and interaction but GTA 5 has more cars.So overall GTA 5 is better in so many ways possible.Watch dogs will still be a game to remember in the future GTA 6 will be better than both games of course. Thanks for you're time!

  • I Just cant see it

    I know money isn't everything but the fact that Watch Dogs cost 68 million to develop and Gta 5 265 million I think Rockstar has a lot more content. And keep this in mind, watch dogs is being developed on 5 platforms at the same time, and Gta 5 was developed on 2 and I know the IMAGE QUALITY is not good on the previous console but the GRAPHICS are amazing for what they are just imagine gta 5 on next gen and pc

  • Hard to live up to

    Gta 5 was one of the best games I have ever played and I was interested from start to well still today. It wws equally as much fun to play the main story line as it was to screw around and explore. It was such a huge world with so much to do and so many surprises, and had humor. I just doubt watch dogs will be superior on its first attempt without superior graphics. Also not sure that hacking is enough to make it different or more fun. Hope its on par with gta5 and just different enough but I have my reservations.

  • You don't kill the king with your 1st try

    GTA's added new stuff along with the new technology, like a cover system and a locomotive overhaul. It's tried his hard in controlling pretty much every vehicle from land to sea to air. The most impressive things in GTA are a multi-genre narrative, little details like a responsive crowd and supreme polish (no pop-ups, few bugs, no freezing or ugly textures).

    Watch Dogs is a huge, brave new project. Getting a massive map of NPC's to function properly, having fluid driving mechanics and making that innovative gameplay fun are all huge undertakings. It will be good, but it likely also will be flawed.

  • No it will not

    GTAV!!! Is the greatest game ever and nothing, I repeat nothing will be as good as it was. Watch Dogs and ubisoft were JELLY!! So they created some stupid replica of what is a masterpiece of this generation! So Ubisoft when you get zero sales think about how you infringed the GTA copyright of awesomeness!!

  • Hell no GTA beats the pants off of WAtchDogs

    GTA is the king of open world games. GTA has and always will dominate WatchDogs. That hacking will be pointless and boring. Sure i'll get Watch Dogs, but it will never replace GTA in a million years. You can't fly, no tanks, no humour, nothing you can't even change from that ugly trench coat! I'll be laughing when people run back to GTA after experiencing just how horrible it is lol.

  • Watch Dogs will not be better than GTA V

    In a sense you cant really say that one game is much better than the other, or is going to be. However, I guess in this case since the games are a similar type we can make a judgment. GTA has been around so long and has always been better than the last. We know what to expect when we get to GTA V and we have already seen how great of a game it is. I mean you get to play 3 different characters in a single game, which is amazing. Now Watch Dogs has much anticipation in its release but people will eventually realize that it is over hyped and find something that they don't like with it. It will not be GTA V but it will be a good game none the less.

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